source: trunk/webif/readerconfig/readerconfig_emubit.html@ 11518

Last change on this file since 11518 was 11518, checked in by Gorgone Impertinence, 4 years ago

Fixed bug in dvbapi not releasing used descramblers in stapi, coolapi and gxapi boxes
Increased MAX_STREAM_INDICES back to 32 (it must be equal to MAX_STREAM_PIDS)
Modified the get_emm_filter_adv() function to accept more arguments

Cosmetics to module-cccam.c and module-cccam-cacheex.x
Removed some emu specific code not needed anymore

File size: 360 bytes
1 <TR><TD><A>AU providers:</A></TD><TD><textarea name="emu_auproviders" rows="3" class="bt">##EMUAUPROVIDERS##</textarea></TD></TR>
2 <TR><TD><A>[BISS] Enable date-coded keys:</A></TD><TD><input name="emu_datecodedenabled" type="hidden" value="0"><input name="emu_datecodedenabled" type="checkbox" value="1" ##EMUDATECODEDENABLED##><label></label></TD></TR>
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