Changeset 70 for trunk/module-radegast.c

05/12/09 05:25:27 (12 years ago)

csctapi/io_serial.c : fix the serial port read/write wait routine to use select instead of poll

This make them compatible with Mac OS X and now oscamd works on OS X. The same code off course
still works on linux and other unix platforms. I let that code ran for 24h before commiting this code.
If you have any issue let me know and I'llr evert to poll for non compatible machines.

all the others : fix all the warning due to sign difference (mostly uchar versus char). This make the code compile

with -Werror on the more strict version of gcc (which is the case on OS X). I also noticed that in a lot of places
the code use a buffer defined as an uchar * ... and use strings functions (strnXXXX) where some memcpy/memcmp .. function
would have been preferable as we're suposedly manipulation a binary buffer. Anyway I fixed all of them and it now compile
without any warning or error on linux and OS X (and also probably on all the other unices but we will have to try before
adding -Werror on the other platform).

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  • trunk/module-radegast.c

    r8 r70  
    9696      case  6:      // PROVID (ASCII)
    9797        n=(sl>6) ? 3 : (sl>>1);
    98         er->prid=cs_atoi(buf+i+2+sl-(n<<1), n, 0);
     98        er->prid=cs_atoi((char *) buf+i+2+sl-(n<<1), n, 0);
    9999        break;
    100100      case  7:      // KEYNR (ASCII), not needed
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