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(edit) @3983   13 years hapeba revert #3981 and #3982 because _network and other devs means, that is …
(edit) @3982   13 years hapeba fixed #1305
(edit) @3981   13 years hapeba revert r3979
(edit) @3979   13 years _network revert r3976
(edit) @3977   13 years hapeba fix File-Format
(edit) @3976   13 years hapeba Oscam build (Cmake) without Openssl, if Openssl is disabled
(edit) @3947   13 years _network cmake patch for compiling with ssl support, thx to the anonymous …
(edit) @3785   13 years alno Added QboxHD LED patch from Ticket #1174 (THX boubaris)
(edit) @3493   13 years rorothetroll fix a small problem with OSCAM_SVN_REVISION when using svnversion.
(edit) @3481   13 years dingo35 Remove CS_NOSHM and -m parameter, it actually didnt do anything
(edit) @3416   13 years rorothetroll set linker option to -ggdb for OS X in debug mode
(edit) @3401   13 years dingo35 CMakeLists: enable debug for non MAC Platforms
(edit) @3241   13 years rorothetroll fix a problem with cmake for ticket 897
(edit) @3234   13 years rorothetroll fix some debug option fo OSX to be able to compile using cmake …
(edit) @3180   13 years rorothetroll fix a small issue with cmake
(edit) @3036   13 years lattjo Support for D-Link DIR-825, closes #770
(edit) @2953   13 years rorothetroll added Seagate FreeAgent DockStar support. thanks Robby
(edit) @2891   13 years cogsi azbox: default config dir now /PLUGINS/OpenXCAS/oscamCAS
(edit) @2889   13 years cogsi azbox: default config directory is now /PLUGINS/OpenXCAS/oscam
(edit) @2846   13 years cogsi Fixed azbox cmake info
(edit) @2825   13 years rorothetroll fixe some cmake issues wth cygwin include and link dir
(edit) @2824   13 years rorothetroll cygwin version now compiles with pcsc
(edit) @2772   13 years cogsi Azbox defaults config location to current dir
(edit) @2750   13 years cogsi Azbox defs added to CMakeLists.txt OpenXCAS libs and headers added
(edit) @2688   13 years rorothetroll fix an extra lib added with cmake
(edit) @2687   13 years rorothetroll fix Makefile and CmakeLists.txt to compile on cygwin with libusb
(edit) @2464   13 years rorothetroll fixe a compiling issue for OS X where binary compilked on 10.6 weren't …
(edit) @2429   13 years merek Add FreeBSD Support for CMake, thanks to Kulti, see Ticket #378
(edit) @2272   13 years merek Merge from UMP: - Made it simple to build for debugging with cmake .. …
(edit) @2209   13 years merek Adding LED trigger support, currently only working for NSLU2, enable …
(edit) @1898   14 years _network - add QboxHD toolchain and add QboxHD pmt.tmp reading in dvbapi …
(edit) @1822   14 years merek Merge from UMP - nightmann: this should solve some reported compile …
(edit) @1813   14 years merek UMP r1853 - nightmann: fix some small CS_WITH_GBOX Cmake issues
(edit) @1743   14 years merek Merge from UMP r1808
(edit) @1710   14 years merek Readd irdeto guessing - now selectable with -DIRDETO_GUESSING, thanks …
(edit) @1647   14 years landlord User said that if the timeout is set to 10 seconds (instead of 5) it …
(edit) @1636   14 years merek Merge from UMP r1753 - thanks to roro ;)
(edit) @1625   14 years landlord Added compile options to cmake (CS_ANTICASC, CS_LOGHISTORY, …
(edit) @1622   14 years landlord added some delay in the phoenix code to try to help with pl2303. I'll …
(edit) @1610   14 years merek Merge from UMP r1720
(edit) @1608   14 years merek Merge from UMP r1719
(edit) @1601   14 years merek Merge from UMP r1717
(edit) @1592   14 years merek Merge from UMP r1712
(edit) @1572   14 years merek Merge from UMP r1677
(edit) @1566   14 years merek Merge from UMP r1664
(edit) @1551   14 years merek Backport from UMP: PPS flag was given also for mipsel dreamboxes
(edit) @1524   14 years merek Merge from UMP r1644
(edit) @1484   14 years merek Merge from UMP r1615
(edit) @1475   14 years merek Fix define in SlugOS target, thanks to MegaV0lt
(edit) @1419   14 years merek Merge from UMP r1574
(edit) @1389   14 years landlord Backport from ump trunk 1520
(edit) @1381   14 years landlord backport from ump rev. 1442, please verify
(edit) @1289   14 years rorothetroll Some fixes.
(edit) @1284   14 years dingo35 Add Triple Dragon support, thanks to Single
(edit) @1184   14 years rorothetroll fix OS X g++ CXX_FLAGS
(edit) @1182   14 years dingo35 Move Coolstream Reset and Getstatus to ifd_cool.c
(edit) @1178   14 years rorothetroll fix the lib nxp problem
(edit) @1171   14 years dingo35 Add experimental support for Coolstream readers
(edit) @1137   14 years C.H.A.D.o Fix compiler warnings Add Wextra flag
(edit) @1090   14 years C.H.A.D.o Fix parentheses warnings
(edit) @1084   14 years C.H.A.D.o Fix implicit-function-declaration warnings
(edit) @997   14 years rorothetroll force 32 bit mode on OS X as some debug function don't work in 64 bit mode
(edit) @995   14 years rorothetroll reduce optimisation level to -O2 as -O3 seems to create issues
(edit) @946   14 years rorothetroll C.H.A.D.o : please use unix line ending otherwize the whole file …
(edit) @944   14 years C.H.A.D.o If you have no .svn dirs or svnversion program, the build rev will be …
(edit) @811   14 years nightmann revert commit 805. So make will work again. We must find a better way …
(edit) @807   14 years rorothetroll fix CMakeList.txt to only add /usr/include/PCSC for linux
(edit) @806   14 years nightmann small fix. This resolve ticket 185
(edit) @805   14 years nightmann added 64Bit RSA Calculation patch, thx to anykey_ for finding this issue.
(edit) @776   14 years rorothetroll merge PCSC support into trunk
(edit) @712   14 years smurzch2 Finish the configuration to have either internal SHA or system SHA …
(edit) @690   14 years landlord toolchain for 'nslu2 armv5' added, thanks to biondo79
(edit) @579   14 years landlord update for svn version in binary, binary name, logfile
(edit) @573   14 years dingo35 Removed -Werror, added -Wall -Wno-implicit-function-declaration …
(edit) @554   14 years landlord now with svn number only in binary
(edit) @547   14 years smurzch2 Add SVN version number in the log and the usage display. So, we can …
(edit) @500   14 years landlord Updated CMakeLists.txt for Coolstream HD-1. Thanks to -=HSKc=-Robby.
(edit) @464   14 years landlord small optimization of cmake for Cgywin compiler options
(edit) @431   14 years smurzch2 Add WRT54G target in the cmake builds.
(edit) @215   14 years smurzch2 Add examples and monitor files in the install.
(edit) @204   14 years C.H.A.D.o CMake on Windows/Cygwin could not find conf files in "/usr/local/etc"
(edit) @202   14 years smurzch2 Trunk now support CMake 2.4 too.
(edit) @131   14 years smurzch2 Install man pages and txt doc files.
(edit) @123   14 years smurzch2 Add package building part in the cmake configuration
(edit) @122   14 years smurzch2 Better handling of the binary size. Use -s gcc flag for stripping, …
(edit) @120   14 years smurzch2 cmake now works with Windows/cygwin too.
(edit) @112   14 years smurzch2 Re-add the use of oscam-ostype.h if we use the "old" Makefile.
(edit) @111   14 years smurzch2 Remove some useless sets in CMakeLists.txt
(edit) @110   14 years smurzch2 Use our own AES functions if we don't detect them.
(edit) @109   14 years smurzch2 Define CS_OS* in the CMakeLists.txt
(edit) @108   14 years smurzch2 Better handling of CS_CONFDIR.
(edit) @107   14 years smurzch2 Add install targets to the cmake build system.
(edit) @105   14 years smurzch2 Add config dir as a configuration value.
(edit) @104   14 years smurzch2 Add cross-compilation setup for sh4 amino
(add) @102   14 years smurzch2 Try to use CMake for build system. This is a preliminary test for …
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