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(edit) @4738   9 years _network use libcrypto functions if available
(edit) @4735   9 years _network remove -finline-functions, causing huge binaries and only small speed …
(edit) @4657   9 years Deas makefile: add -DSCI_DEV to sk4-stapi. binaries compiled for sh4-stapi …
(edit) @4410   9 years alno Oooops
(edit) @4409   9 years alno WebIf: replace checkbox by dropdown in camd33 protocol
(edit) @4296   10 years schlocke internal change of memory and thread handling: garbage collector …
(edit) @3716   10 years cogsi revert r3715
(edit) @3715   10 years cogsi Fix pcsc reader on x86, x86_64
(edit) @3542   10 years schlocke anticascade: modified for unlimited users memory usage reduced: stack …
(edit) @3500   10 years schlocke added Makefile-definition for debug: i386-pc-linux-debug for easy …
(edit) @3481   10 years dingo35 Remove CS_NOSHM and -m parameter, it actually didnt do anything
(edit) @3298   10 years merek Fix default WEBIF setting in Makefile
(edit) @3153   10 years dingo35 THREADED BRANCH in TRUNK
(edit) @2946   10 years schlocke cccam: next try: force resend ecm fix
(edit) @2824   10 years rorothetroll cygwin version now compiles with pcsc
(edit) @2822   10 years rorothetroll now compile on windows with pcsc support
(edit) @2820   10 years rorothetroll getting close to a working compile for windows pcsc reader
(edit) @2774   10 years _network add stapi target to Makefile
(edit) @2687   10 years rorothetroll fix Makefile and CmakeLists.txt to compile on cygwin with libusb
(edit) @2596   10 years rorothetroll added VS include path
(edit) @2594   10 years rorothetroll trying to add pcsc support to windows oscam
(edit) @2533   10 years rorothetroll small fix for some tntsat card with a different ATR
(edit) @2342   10 years merek Fix typo in Makefile
(edit) @2341   10 years merek Newcamd: - now auto restart aware - connects directly after …
(edit) @2271   10 years merek Revert Compiler optimization flags in Makefile as some x86 hardware …
(edit) @2270   10 years schlocke cs_resolve changed to cs_resolve_reader to speed up resolving cccam: …
(edit) @2160   10 years merek Fix Makfile
(edit) @2158   10 years schlocke Reader-Start with Master-Pipe
(edit) @1743   10 years merek Merge from UMP r1808
(edit) @1723   10 years merek Merge from UMP r1794
(edit) @1722   10 years merek Fix typo
(edit) @1720   10 years merek WebIf should not be default in Makefile
(edit) @1719   10 years merek Merge from UMP r1791/1792
(edit) @1524   10 years merek Merge from UMP r1644
(edit) @1431   10 years merek Merge from UMP r1585
(edit) @1419   10 years merek Merge from UMP r1574
(edit) @1389   10 years landlord Backport from ump trunk 1520
(edit) @1289   10 years rorothetroll Some fixes.
(edit) @1284   10 years dingo35 Add Triple Dragon support, thanks to Single
(edit) @1147   10 years landlord Fix for ucLibc 0.9.28 Makefile
(edit) @1137   11 years C.H.A.D.o Fix compiler warnings Add Wextra flag
(edit) @1090   11 years C.H.A.D.o Fix parentheses warnings
(edit) @1084   11 years C.H.A.D.o Fix implicit-function-declaration warnings
(edit) @979   11 years landlord Small fix for svnversion dectection after patching by rorothetroll.
(edit) @972   11 years rorothetroll add fix from landlord
(edit) @970   11 years landlord Again a small fix in the plain Makefile.
(edit) @969   11 years landlord A cosmetic fix only (missing blank), sorry
(edit) @968   11 years landlord find svnversion not via a fixed path, find it via 'which' commando.
(edit) @963   11 years landlord Only use main svn build revision for plain Makefile.
(edit) @950   11 years landlord If svnversion binary or .svn directory is missing, rev will set to …
(edit) @776   11 years rorothetroll merge PCSC support into trunk
(edit) @579   11 years landlord update for svn version in binary, binary name, logfile
(edit) @574   11 years dingo35 default Makefile also -Wall -Wno-implicit-function-declaration …
(edit) @573   11 years dingo35 Removed -Werror, added -Wall -Wno-implicit-function-declaration …
(edit) @570   11 years cogsi cccam-test branch memory not free()d, not stable, only a single caid, …
(edit) @558   11 years landlord svn version now in binary name, too (standard Makefile only)
(edit) @555   11 years landlord svn number only in binary: now with Makefile, too
(edit) @554   11 years landlord now with svn number only in binary
(edit) @550   11 years dingo35 Fix compiling without cmake with svn_version
(edit) @540   11 years dingo35 -O3 is reported to give strange behaviour on Ubuntu 8.04 / VIA C7 CPU …
(edit) @535   11 years landlord add some sh4 support
(edit) @528   11 years landlord removed bugfixes for readers on the sh4 plattform due many problems
(edit) @523   11 years landlord fix for readers on the sh4 plattform, thanks to Tideglo
(edit) @507   11 years dingo35 Update makefile for fritzbox mipsel-uclibc929 thanks to Cumal
(edit) @471   11 years dingo35 Restoring Makefiles to revision 469, got messed up by cmake
(edit) @470   11 years dingo35 Several small bugfixes, amongst others fixing incorrect protocol=mouse …
(edit) @463   11 years landlord optimization of Makefile for CS_CONFDIR and Cgywin compiler options
(edit) @459   11 years landlord added libcrypto compiler option to sh4 build
(edit) @101   11 years smurzch2 Add Fonera2 target
(edit) @70   11 years rorothetroll csctapi/io_serial.c : fix the serial port read/write wait routine to …
(edit) @65   11 years rorothetroll Makefile : add CS_CONFDIR as a variable in the Makefile so that people …
(edit) @62   11 years rorothetroll Makefile : added a -DCS_NOSHM to the mac os x gcc opt as shared memory …
(edit) @61   11 years smurzch2 Add opensolaris target in the Makefile
(edit) @56   11 years smurzch2 Appliy patch from C.H.A.D.o/streamboard. - clean some warnings with …
(edit) @54   11 years smurzch2 Preliminary support for Mac OS X. Now, it compile, but it will not …
(edit) @45   11 years smurzch2 Now it compiles also on cygwin. But not really tested, as I don't …
(edit) @44   11 years smurzch2 Correct Makefile for the tuxbox/mips targets
(edit) @35   11 years smurzch2 Add cross-powerpc-tuxbox-linux-uclibc target
(edit) @28   11 years smurzch2 Change i386 to the correct one for native compilation
(edit) @24   11 years smurzch2 Add crypto and dl for tuxbox/ppc build
(edit) @21   11 years smurzch2 Rename from MpCS to OSCam
(edit) @10   11 years smurzch2 Remove aes local sources And replace them with libcrypto.
(add) @8   11 years smurzch2 Start repository for OSCam (Open Source Cam) The start is from the …
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