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(edit) @5183   9 years Admin Some small fixes.
(edit) @4896   9 years Admin Replace all occurences of strcpy and sprintf by their safe variants …
(edit) @4738   9 years _network use libcrypto functions if available
(edit) @4081   10 years schlocke cccam: fixed compile error, fixed rc6 keylen
(edit) @4037   10 years schlocke cccam: updated cccam 2.2.x code: block loop for rc6
(edit) @4036   10 years schlocke cccam: updated card reporting, updated cccam 2.2.x code
(edit) @4013   10 years schlocke cccam: added missing file for last commit
(edit) @4012   10 years schlocke cccam: added full cccam 2.2.x support !!
(edit) @3999   10 years schlocke cccam: added rc6 support
(edit) @3996   10 years hapeba fixed Compilation of ppc
(edit) @3994   10 years _network newcamd: threadsafe fix
(edit) @3993   10 years schlocke cccam: RC6 support added
(edit) @3947   10 years _network cmake patch for compiling with ssl support, thx to the anonymous …
(edit) @3942   10 years _network add newline at end of file to cscrypt files
(edit) @3930   10 years _network activate webif ssl support WITH_SSL (experimental)
(edit) @3716   10 years cogsi revert r3715
(edit) @3715   10 years cogsi Fix pcsc reader on x86, x86_64
(edit) @3242   10 years rorothetroll more fix for cmake. ticket 897
(edit) @3234   10 years rorothetroll fix some debug option fo OSX to be able to compile using cmake …
(edit) @3194   10 years _network fix newcamd md5_crypt
(edit) @3181   10 years dingo35 Adding threadsafety FIXMEs, feel free to join checking..
(edit) @2272   10 years merek Merge from UMP: - Made it simple to build for debugging with cmake .. …
(edit) @1137   11 years C.H.A.D.o Fix compiler warnings Add Wextra flag
(edit) @1125   11 years C.H.A.D.o Remove unused parameters
(edit) @997   11 years rorothetroll force 32 bit mode on OS X as some debug function don't work in 64 bit mode
(edit) @954   11 years C.H.A.D.o Fix compiler warnings
(edit) @943   11 years C.H.A.D.o unsigned int (c1*3+c2) can`t be < 0 bn_mul.c: warning: expression …
(edit) @813   11 years rorothetroll fix a 64 bit issue
(edit) @812   11 years nightmann better way to handle SIXTY_FOUR_BIT/THIRTY_TWO_BIT, thx RoRoTheTroll :)
(edit) @811   11 years nightmann revert commit 805. So make will work again. We must find a better way …
(edit) @805   11 years nightmann added 64Bit RSA Calculation patch, thx to anykey_ for finding this issue.
(edit) @719   11 years cogsi cccam reader mutiple caid support and sha1 fix for those without openssl
(edit) @712   11 years smurzch2 Finish the configuration to have either internal SHA or system SHA …
(edit) @711   11 years smurzch2 Use system SHA functions when available. This was needing some small …
(edit) @657   11 years cogsi undef refs fixed
(edit) @650   11 years cogsi sha1
(edit) @648   11 years cogsi cccam and radegast reader support (alpha)
(edit) @580   11 years nightmann added idea support to cscrypt. Is needed for nagra-reader
(edit) @573   11 years dingo35 Removed -Werror, added -Wall -Wno-implicit-function-declaration …
(edit) @570   11 years cogsi cccam-test branch memory not free()d, not stable, only a single caid, …
(edit) @471   11 years dingo35 Restoring Makefiles to revision 469, got messed up by cmake
(edit) @470   11 years dingo35 Several small bugfixes, amongst others fixing incorrect protocol=mouse …
(edit) @122   11 years smurzch2 Better handling of the binary size. Use -s gcc flag for stripping, …
(edit) @110   11 years smurzch2 Use our own AES functions if we don't detect them.
(edit) @102   11 years smurzch2 Try to use CMake for build system. This is a preliminary test for …
(edit) @70   11 years rorothetroll csctapi/io_serial.c : fix the serial port read/write wait routine to …
(edit) @64   11 years smurzch2 Increment msgsize to 272.
(edit) @34   11 years smurzch2 Make network message buffers bigger
(edit) @10   11 years smurzch2 Remove aes local sources And replace them with libcrypto.
(add) @8   11 years smurzch2 Start repository for OSCam (Open Source Cam) The start is from the …
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