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(edit) @4149   13 years dingo35 checked some routines on threadsafety
(edit) @4148   13 years _network stapi: change function calls
(edit) @4146   13 years dingo35 sc8in1: move locks to icc_async.c level to prevent problems with …
(edit) @4141   13 years dingo35 all: simplify debug system, add D_DVBAPI = -d128, eliminate cs_ptyp …
(edit) @4138   13 years _network stapi: add support for stapi cardreader (included in liboscam_stapi …
(edit) @4135   13 years dingo35 icc_async.c Reimplementing 3794 since _network had thought this better …
(edit) @4133   13 years dingo35 icc_async.c : Initializing some output-variables to prevent compiler …
(edit) @4132   13 years dingo35 Partly reversing 3794 since deleting prototypes and introducing wrong …
(edit) @4131   13 years dingo35 icc_async.c: Fix compile error for SCI devices
(edit) @4126   13 years dingo35 icc_async.c : Stop reading TB1 since it is deprecated acc. ISO7816
(edit) @4122   13 years _network WebIf: fix crash (edit camd35tcp with ssl enabled); dvbapi: prepare …
(edit) @4121   13 years dingo35 ifd_sc8in1.c : add slot boundary checks
(edit) @4120   13 years dingo35 ifd_cool.c : disable Cool_WriteSettings so nagra cards will work with …
(edit) @4118   13 years dingo35 ifd_sc8in1: hold cards to reset state when setting clockspeed
(edit) @4110   13 years dingo35 icc_async.c : Parse_ATR needs locks for sc8in1 reader
(edit) @4109   13 years dingo35 ifd_sc8in1.c checked on threadsafety, threadsafe for ONE sc8in1 type reader
(edit) @4108   13 years dingo35 reader-common.c : Moving some sc8in1 specific stuff to csctapi
(edit) @4107   13 years dingo35 ifd_sc8in1.c : Fix sc8in1 for multiple cards
(edit) @4083   13 years dingo35 oscam-reader.c and ifd_sc8in1.c : Fix sc8in1 for 1 card in reader
(edit) @4060   13 years dingo35 ifd_cool.c : checked threadsafe
(edit) @4035   13 years _network io_serial: disable tcflush on error, smargo stops working after …
(edit) @4025   13 years _network ignore signals in IO_Serial_WaitToRead()
(edit) @4019   13 years dingo35 ifd_smartreader.c: reverse 4015 seems to give problems on different …
(edit) @4015   13 years dingo35 ifd_smartreader.c : when running multiple smartreaders in native mode, …
(edit) @4009   13 years dingo35 ifd_smartreader.c: simplification of read/write routines
(edit) @3953   13 years _network remove cs_debug_nolf (not threadsafe) and fix some debug messages
(edit) @3918   13 years rorothetroll increase delay between reset and ATR read for PPC box
(edit) @3913   13 years rorothetroll csctapi/ifd_smartreader.c: small change to test T1 fixes. As T1 card …
(edit) @3908   13 years rorothetroll csctapi/ifd_sci.c : added a 80ms delay after card reset before we try …
(edit) @3900   13 years _network io_serial: log timeout only as debug
(edit) @3899   13 years _network add some log messages in io_serial
(edit) @3877   13 years rorothetroll csctapi/ifd_pcsc.c: added a log message to display ATR from card.
(edit) @3870   13 years rorothetroll reader-viaccess.c : improvment on long ECM parsing and making sure we …
(edit) @3855   13 years lattjo rv should be LONG, not ULONG according to the documentation. Changed …
(edit) @3854   13 years lattjo Minor cleanup and possible improvement of timing for AdTeknik MP3.x …
(edit) @3826   13 years rorothetroll reader-nagra.c : fix tier display for non tiger card. thank you webjoker
(edit) @3824   13 years rorothetroll reader-viaccess.c : moved the parental unlock to its own function …
(edit) @3822   13 years rorothetroll csctapi/ifd_smartreader.c : fix reader out endpoint.
(edit) @3820   13 years rorothetroll csctapi/ifd_smartreader.c : fix small issue with usb endpoints …
(edit) @3816   13 years rorothetroll reader-viaccess.c : testing support for an acutal pin code, not just …
(edit) @3807   13 years rorothetroll csctapi/ifd_pcsc.c : fix some return code in pcsc_reader_init as they …
(edit) @3802   13 years rorothetroll adding some debugging for card handle value in ifd_pcsc.c
(edit) @3801   13 years rorothetroll move some debug messages in ifd_pcsc.c
(edit) @3800   13 years rorothetroll minor casting in ifd_pcsc.c
(edit) @3799   13 years _network fix possible segfaults in protocol T0
(edit) @3794   13 years _network fix some compiler warnings
(edit) @3716   13 years cogsi revert r3715
(edit) @3715   13 years cogsi Fix pcsc reader on x86, x86_64
(edit) @3700   13 years rorothetroll added some files to xcode project
(edit) @3699   13 years rebdog revert changes to iss_async.c as slowed some cards, will need to find …
(edit) @3622   13 years rorothetroll more fix for smartreader code for Infinity smart usb on windows
(edit) @3621   13 years rorothetroll patch to allow a different out endpoint in the smartreader usb code to …
(edit) @3606   13 years rorothetroll fix a typo in a debug message
(edit) @3591   13 years rebdog correction of small error re bit 8 in TA2, thanks dingo
(edit) @3587   13 years rebdog according to iso7816-3 if no TD1 then only protocol TO is available, …
(edit) @3569   13 years rorothetroll added some debug log for emm-u and emm-g for cw
(edit) @3549   13 years rorothetroll fix a problem in ifd_pcsc.c . Added a casting to LPBYTE on cta_res as …
(edit) @3485   13 years _network fix segfault on PPC
(edit) @3469   13 years dingo35 icc_async.c: get rid of client[]
(edit) @3428   13 years rorothetroll reverting changes from rev 3420, will work with original reporter of …
(edit) @3426   13 years rorothetroll fix for ticket #994. Some comment fixes in cryptoworks emm in dvbapi
(edit) @3420   13 years rorothetroll fix for ticket #994
(edit) @3360   13 years rorothetroll ifd_smartreader.c: some code cleanup
(edit) @3359   13 years rorothetroll ifd_smartreader.c : check for a fixed freq of 368 and set the smargo …
(edit) @3290   13 years alno remove obsolete compilerflag CS_RDR_INIT_HIST because it's replaced by …
(edit) @3243   13 years rorothetroll remove the IFD: Status = card message for now.. to noisy, not really useful
(edit) @3242   13 years rorothetroll more fix for cmake. ticket 897
(edit) @3234   13 years rorothetroll fix some debug option fo OSX to be able to compile using cmake …
(edit) @3223   13 years dingo35 smartreader threadsafe
(edit) @3221   13 years dingo35 protocol_t1.c threadsafe, protocol_t1.h removed
(edit) @3220   13 years dingo35 ifd_pcsc and ifd_sci threadsafe
(edit) @3219   13 years dingo35 icc_async, t1_block, protocol_t0 threadsafe
(edit) @3217   13 years dingo35 ifd_phoenix.c threadsafe except for multiple GPIO devices
(edit) @3214   13 years dingo35 Fix dbox + dreambox build errors
(edit) @3212   13 years dingo35 ioserial: threadsafe
(edit) @3199   13 years dingo35 videoguard: remove _need_dummy_char which was only needed for very old …
(edit) @3198   13 years dingo35 atr.c threadsafe
(edit) @3181   13 years dingo35 Adding threadsafety FIXMEs, feel free to join checking..
(edit) @3163   13 years rorothetroll fix compiler warning in ifd_pcsc.[c,h]
(edit) @3153   13 years dingo35 THREADED BRANCH in TRUNK
(edit) @3072   13 years dingo35 Fix compiler messages protocol_t0
(edit) @2980   13 years rorothetroll new patch to save emm even if we block them
(edit) @2934   13 years rorothetroll more test for ATR checking. Check that TB1 is valid (<0x80)
(edit) @2933   13 years rorothetroll fix a bad test (was making assignment instead of ==, thanks Lattjo for …
(edit) @2932   13 years rorothetroll remove debug log.. sorry
(edit) @2931   13 years rorothetroll remove the test for TA1==0 as some conax card do have TA1 set to 00
(edit) @2930   13 years rorothetroll improve ATR parsing and detection of malformed ATR
(edit) @2929   13 years cogsi azbox: disallow discovery fallback if mode is specified and card init fails
(edit) @2928   13 years cogsi azbox: added 'mode' option to [reader] to allow for card init mode …
(edit) @2927   13 years cogsi azbox: another atempt at internal card reader fix
(edit) @2926   13 years lattjo Reverted part of r2915 fixes ticket #709
(edit) @2921   13 years cogsi azbox: added support for different card frequencies (thanks awx)
(edit) @2919   13 years lattjo Updates to get MP35 serial working
(edit) @2918   13 years lattjo Make sure oscam doesn't crash if PTS response contains PTS2 or PTS3
(edit) @2917   13 years lattjo Fix for #701
(edit) @2916   13 years lattjo Cleaned up and updated the support for AD-Teknik's readers.
(edit) @2915   13 years lattjo Don't mess around with DTR and RTS as much
(edit) @2905   13 years lattjo Made some parameters const to be able to have commands in code …
(edit) @2901   13 years _network move pcsc code to csctapi
(edit) @2887   13 years cogsi azbox: fixed card reader issue
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