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(edit) @4141   13 years dingo35 all: simplify debug system, add D_DVBAPI = -d128, eliminate cs_ptyp …
(edit) @3780   13 years _network fix crash on newcamd user disconnect
(edit) @3777   13 years _network add prototypes for module functions to make sure they are called …
(edit) @3684   13 years dingo35 changing some indexes to pointers, small cleanups
(edit) @3652   13 years dingo35 replace au index by aureader pointer
(edit) @3618   13 years _network fix write_server() removing protocol from disabled reader
(edit) @3614   13 years dingo35 unlimited readers step 11: replace client->ridx by client->reader
(edit) @3556   13 years dingo35 Applying NULLFREE where possible
(edit) @3490   13 years dingo35 camd35 and oscam-reader.c: Reduce nr of cur_client calls
(edit) @3483   13 years dingo35 Remove all shared memory stuff since we dont need it
(edit) @3422   13 years dingo35 Elimination of redundant artefact is_server makes code more clear
(edit) @3403   13 years dingo35 Unlimited clients step1: eliminate bulk of client[cs_idx] calls
(edit) @3402   13 years dingo35 Store client-ptr local per thread so client[cs_idx] can be eliminated
(edit) @3395   13 years dingo35 oscam-reader.c : Remove cs_idx from hostResolve
(edit) @3392   13 years dingo35 module.*: Introduce client param in recv_chk routines
(edit) @3388   13 years schlocke camd35: fixed suppresscmd08 in reader
(edit) @3387   13 years schlocke camd35: fixed suppresscmd08
(edit) @3376   13 years dingo35 module.*: Introduce client param in client_init routines
(edit) @3375   13 years dingo35 module.*: Introduce client param in recv routines
(edit) @3374   13 years dingo35 module.*: Introduce client param in send_dcw routines
(edit) @3373   13 years dingo35 module.*: Introduce client param in send_ecm routines
(edit) @3372   13 years dingo35 module.*: Introduce client param do_emm, cs_fake_client
(edit) @3363   13 years dingo35 module.*: Introduce client param get_dcw, send_dcw
(edit) @3362   13 years dingo35 module.*: Introduce client parameter, eliminating cs_idx looping
(edit) @3337   13 years rebdog fixes for missing bracket warnings around cs_debug when compiled …
(edit) @3256   13 years _network fix camd35 tcp
(edit) @3228   13 years _network make cs_hexdump kind of threadsafe
(edit) @3210   13 years dingo35 all modules: Fix create_ptread calls
(edit) @3192   13 years dingo35 camd33, camd35: Finished static threadsafety check
(edit) @3191   13 years dingo35 camd35, newcamd, radegast: make local server address non-static, …
(edit) @3181   13 years dingo35 Adding threadsafety FIXMEs, feel free to join checking..
(edit) @3172   13 years _network remove global mbuf
(edit) @3168   13 years _network merge modular branch with trunk
(edit) @3153   13 years dingo35 THREADED BRANCH in TRUNK
(edit) @3047   13 years schlocke camd35/UDP Resolving: Because IP changes could not detected when …
(edit) @2997   13 years alno correction for last committ
(edit) @2996   13 years alno oscam client -> oscam server via camd35: override the provid with …
(edit) @2985   13 years alno Oscam DVBAPi -> Oscam Server connection via camd35 protocol: Actual …
(edit) @2897   13 years alno camd35 protocol - extend logmessage if oscam client receives a CMD08
(edit) @2896   13 years alno camd35 protocol - reactivate sleepsend parameter. In case of a …
(edit) @2888   13 years schlocke fixed conflict camd35 sources
(edit) @2843   13 years alno WebIf: implement reader restart and reset stats in Statuspage. The …
(edit) @2733   13 years aston camd35 udp connection fix, ip resolve is executed only when sendto …
(edit) @2719   13 years _network camd35: fix udp connections
(edit) @2711   13 years aston fixed problem with write to pipes which made some boxes to stuck after …
(edit) @2674   13 years alno auto AU - enhance the logoutput with auprovid, re-add auprovid check …
(edit) @2616   13 years schlocke cccam: experimental reader parameter: cccforceresendecm=1 activates …
(edit) @2430   13 years merek Try to fix Ticket #542
(edit) @2340   13 years merek Camd35: Set tcp_connected and card_status for cascading reader
(edit) @2165   13 years alno found more simple solution for cmd08 because er->pid is avail in the reader
(edit) @2159   13 years alno Bugfix CMD08 - sorry
(edit) @2157   13 years alno second try for cmd08
(edit) @2156   13 years alno CMD08 improvement
(edit) @2055   13 years alno fix camd35 protocol send emm returnvalue - log should show not longer …
(edit) @2045   13 years alno oscam client - stop reader also on normal CMD08 (invalid)
(edit) @2043   13 years alno we have to use an other way for sleepsend because of SHM (change over …
(edit) @2042   13 years alno some changes on sleepsend
(edit) @2039   13 years alno Add some logoutput releted to the sleepsend behavior on client and …
(edit) @2038   13 years alno implement a rudimentary block for sleeping _oscam_ clients which are …
(edit) @2036   13 years alno preparing a "sleepsend" parameter (send a sleeptime over CMD08 - …
(edit) @2023   13 years alno move to the CMD05 with data-len 111 for camd3 > 3.890
(edit) @2015   13 years alno further cleanup of CMD05 receive, remove serial from Log
(edit) @2014   13 years alno fix typo
(edit) @2013   13 years alno accept only the 2nd CMD05 for oscam client over camd35 proto
(edit) @1998   13 years _network dvbapi: start demux emm filter as soon as reader sets hexserial
(edit) @1989   13 years alno CMD05 - transmit the block commands negated hope thats compatible now …
(edit) @1985   13 years alno irdeto filter - replaced sa by first 2 bytes of serial, fix bug in …
(edit) @1961   13 years alno Fix conax AU - shared key now 4 Bytes
(edit) @1958   13 years alno enhanced receiving of CMD05 with provid and sa. Emmfilter now should …
(edit) @1954   13 years alno only accept the right CMD05 of two, Show emm is send to server in clientlog
(edit) @1945   13 years alno fix the blocknano transmission in CMD05
(edit) @1938   13 years alno fix typo
(edit) @1937   13 years alno other solution for filter caid and set by CMD05
(edit) @1936   13 years alno seems that setting the caid over CMD05 isn't good
(edit) @1930   13 years alno enahanc CMD05 with cardsystem and caid. We need that to filter emms on …
(edit) @1926   13 years merek Merge UMP r1944-1969: - Adding SC8in1 support, thanks to dingo35
(edit) @1920   14 years alno reading CMD05 Emm request on camd35 proto reader and set serial. …
(edit) @1918   14 years _network dvbapi: increase pmt.tmp read buffer
(edit) @1915   14 years _network add send_emm function to camd35 protocol
(edit) @1772   14 years merek Merge from UMP: Remove unnecessary global epg
(edit) @1770   14 years landlord Removed dummy hexserial variables, not needed anymore.
(edit) @1726   14 years merek Fix cascading related bug in module-camd35 - see UMP Ticket#441
(edit) @1692   14 years merek Fix CRLF Linebreaks
(edit) @1691   14 years merek Merge Webinterface into Trunk - Use -DWEBIF=1 with cmake to build with …
(edit) @1626   14 years landlord Fix for module-camd35.c on on amd64/x86_64 arch, thanks to ZoMtEc
(edit) @1552   14 years merek - Newcamd clienttimeout takes now care of keepalive setting - Merge …
(edit) @1504   14 years merek Adding suppresscmd08=0|1 command in user and global section - Merge …
(edit) @1463   14 years merek Add command overview to camd35 module
(edit) @1462   14 years merek Add command overview to camd35 module
(edit) @1461   14 years merek ECM cascading request only with right rc level
(edit) @1451   14 years merek Send cw instead of CMD44 in fake state
(edit) @1449   14 years merek Send old CMD44 in more cases
(edit) @1446   14 years merek Fix typo
(edit) @1445   14 years merek Send CMD08 only if any filter reject something - Send also CMD44 to …
(edit) @1435   14 years merek Minor changes on CMD08 command length - Merge from UMP r1587
(edit) @1426   14 years merek Dont sent CMD08 on fake,sleep,expdate,disabled
(edit) @1423   14 years merek Introducing CMD08 in module-camd35 to reject ecm requests, leave old …
(edit) @1412   14 years landlord Removed old EMM handling in camd3 3.5 protocol
(edit) @1411   14 years landlord EMM support for NAGRA CAID 1830 'HD+' with camd3 3.5 protocol, thanks …
(edit) @1407   14 years merek Extend logging for unknown camd35 commands
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