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(edit) @4141   13 years dingo35 all: simplify debug system, add D_DVBAPI = -d128, eliminate cs_ptyp …
(edit) @3777   13 years _network add prototypes for module functions to make sure they are called …
(edit) @3653   13 years dingo35 get rid of extern reader declararions
(edit) @3614   13 years dingo35 unlimited readers step 11: replace client->ridx by client->reader
(edit) @3483   13 years dingo35 Remove all shared memory stuff since we dont need it
(edit) @3435   13 years dingo35 Suppress some compiler warnings
(edit) @3422   13 years dingo35 Elimination of redundant artefact is_server makes code more clear
(edit) @3403   13 years dingo35 Unlimited clients step1: eliminate bulk of client[cs_idx] calls
(edit) @3402   13 years dingo35 Store client-ptr local per thread so client[cs_idx] can be eliminated
(edit) @3394   13 years dingo35 oscam.c Remove port param in cs_fork; fix some compiler msg; remove …
(edit) @3392   13 years dingo35 module.*: Introduce client param in recv_chk routines
(edit) @3380   13 years _network fix issues with proxy readers
(edit) @3375   13 years dingo35 module.*: Introduce client param in recv routines
(edit) @3374   13 years dingo35 module.*: Introduce client param in send_dcw routines
(edit) @3373   13 years dingo35 module.*: Introduce client param in send_ecm routines
(edit) @3363   13 years dingo35 module.*: Introduce client param get_dcw, send_dcw
(edit) @3362   13 years dingo35 module.*: Introduce client parameter, eliminating cs_idx looping
(edit) @3337   13 years rebdog fixes for missing bracket warnings around cs_debug when compiled …
(edit) @3210   13 years dingo35 all modules: Fix create_ptread calls
(edit) @3193   13 years dingo35 Finished checking relevant modules on static threadsafety
(edit) @3191   13 years dingo35 camd35, newcamd, radegast: make local server address non-static, …
(edit) @3181   13 years dingo35 Adding threadsafety FIXMEs, feel free to join checking..
(edit) @3172   13 years _network remove global mbuf
(edit) @3168   13 years _network merge modular branch with trunk
(edit) @3153   13 years dingo35 THREADED BRANCH in TRUNK
(edit) @2711   13 years aston fixed problem with write to pipes which made some boxes to stuck after …
(edit) @2343   13 years merek Radegast: set tcp_connected and card_status to avoid problems with …
(edit) @2317   13 years schlocke spelling fixed
(edit) @2270   13 years schlocke cs_resolve changed to cs_resolve_reader to speed up resolving cccam: …
(edit) @2259   13 years schlocke global: resolving changed to loop_resolver resolving (gethostbyname) …
(edit) @2255   13 years schlocke Bugs fixed reported by ascom2, …
(edit) @1926   14 years merek Merge UMP r1944-1969: - Adding SC8in1 support, thanks to dingo35
(edit) @1673   14 years merek Fix logging message in module-radegast
(edit) @1672   14 years merek Replace bzero with memset, as bzero is deprecated on the most oses and …
(edit) @1660   14 years merek Merge from UMP - dingo35: Bcopy is not portable, replacing it by memmove
(edit) @1125   14 years C.H.A.D.o Remove unused parameters
(edit) @1090   14 years C.H.A.D.o Fix parentheses warnings
(edit) @1084   14 years C.H.A.D.o Fix implicit-function-declaration warnings
(edit) @648   14 years cogsi cccam and radegast reader support (alpha)
(edit) @470   14 years dingo35 Several small bugfixes, amongst others fixing incorrect protocol=mouse …
(edit) @70   14 years rorothetroll csctapi/io_serial.c : fix the serial port read/write wait routine to …
(add) @8   14 years smurzch2 Start repository for OSCam (Open Source Cam) The start is from the …
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