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(edit) @11478   2 years Gorgone Impertinence big cleanup pack 4
(edit) @10376   6 years gf vg2: Add read tiers patch. For more info see ticket #4091. Original …
(edit) @10037   6 years stefansat sat Compile warning. Fixed the shadow reader-nagra.c compile warning
(edit) @8960   7 years Gorgone Impertinence revert 8951 & 8952 sorry for this !
(edit) @8951   7 years Gorgone Impertinence no codechange only set a common structure for all base modules
(edit) @8264   8 years gf Move reader related funcs in oscam-reader.{c,h} and reader-common.{c,h}
(edit) @8256   8 years gf Cleanup defines in reader-common.h No code changes.
(edit) @7692   8 years gf debug: Add more debugging info to try to fix ticket #2850.
(edit) @7688   8 years gf Reduce WITH_CARDREADER ifdefs.
(edit) @7585   8 years gf Move mem/string functions from oscam-simples.c to oscam-string.c
(edit) @7424   8 years gf Fix use of possibly uninitialised values in readers. …
(edit) @7175   9 years Admin Correct some linebreaks. Set svn property svn:eol-style LF on all …
(edit) @7101   9 years gf build: Compile reader-common.c only when WITH_CARDREADER is enabled.
(edit) @6902   9 years gf Change s_cardsystem->card_init() prototype. gcc 3.4 is not smart …
(edit) @6101   9 years lattjo Cleanup of ATR handling
(edit) @5455   10 years lareq78 strange, fix my last commit
(edit) @5452   10 years lareq78 1. remove unused include file commit : 2. patch _network in #1952 for …
(edit) @5391   10 years lareq78 Correct include path
(edit) @4994   10 years Admin I noticed that monitor encryption is not working on 64bit plattforms …
(edit) @4742   10 years _network reader-nagra: fix possible crash if compiled with libcrypto
(edit) @4693   10 years _network card reset: fix deprecated mode not working
(edit) @4166   10 years dingo35 move pcsc_close to icc_async, where ifd specific code belongs
(edit) @3353   10 years _network fix compile error
(edit) @3351   10 years lattjo Let's not put everything in globals.h
(edit) @3349   10 years lattjo Reader specific code does not have to be globally visible anymore.
(edit) @3026   10 years rorothetroll more NDS1 and NDS1+ code. Thank you rebdog
(edit) @3019   10 years rorothetroll first phase of adding NDS1 support
(edit) @2907   10 years lattjo Initial support for Tongfang, caid 4A02. ECM handling has odd/even cw …
(edit) @2806   11 years rorothetroll fix compiler warning as I forgot to add function prototype to globals.h
(edit) @2662   11 years merek Make CheckSctLen() independent from cryptoworks reader, function was …
(edit) @2366   11 years _network change cccam reader detection
(edit) @2365   11 years schlocke cccam emm fix
(edit) @2355   11 years schlocke new feature: dynamic loadbalacing cccam: retry_ecm after …
(edit) @2272   11 years merek Merge from UMP: - Made it simple to build for debugging with cmake .. …
(edit) @2074   11 years _network allow more than one emm filter per type
(edit) @2068   11 years _network adding viaccess_get_emm_filter
(edit) @2054   11 years alno Basic structure of videoguard_get_emm_filter - not yet working. We …
(edit) @2032   11 years merek Add dre_get_emm_filter, make dre_get_emm_type write sa to ep->hexserial
(edit) @2017   11 years merek add seca_get_emm_filter
(edit) @1987   11 years alno implement cryptoworks_get_emm_filter
(edit) @1986   11 years alno start with conax_get_emm_filter - not finnished yet
(edit) @1977   11 years alno prepare nagra demux filter and collector function in reader-common.c I …
(edit) @1976   11 years alno prepare irdeto demux filter
(edit) @1951   11 years merek Merge from UMP r1973-1983
(edit) @1948   11 years merek Revert last UMP changes as this causes signal 11 and is not realy stable
(edit) @1946   11 years merek Merge from UMP r1973-1979
(edit) @1926   11 years merek Merge UMP r1944-1969: - Adding SC8in1 support, thanks to dingo35
(edit) @1774   11 years merek Merge from UMP r1836
(edit) @1766   11 years landlord New EMM processing, so they can be filtered for DVB API, thanks to dingo35.
(edit) @1389   11 years landlord Backport from ump trunk 1520
(edit) @94   12 years smurzch2 Wait for local cards on oscam startup before oening network ports …
(add) @8   12 years smurzch2 Start repository for OSCam (Open Source Cam) The start is from the …
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