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(edit) @1266   12 years dingo35 Finally killed ifd_towitoko layer, 1 down, 3 to go; guess what, GPIO …
(edit) @1263   12 years dingo35 Remove gpio - LED stuff, add comments, thx to felixka. NOTE gpio still …
(edit) @1262   12 years dingo35 Add support for STB04SCI (a.o. Triple Dragon)
(edit) @1259   12 years nightmann ECM/EMM fixes for Tivusat card by hexalot.
(edit) @1253   12 years dingo35 Move Reset to ifd_phoenix.c and cleanup lot of overhead
(edit) @1252   12 years dingo35 New SetBaudrate in ifd_phoenix.c eliminates lot of stuff
(edit) @1249   12 years dingo35 Fix unexpected reset of reader type and handle, thx to nobody611
(edit) @1245   12 years dingo35 Temporary force of side effect removed by rev 1236
(edit) @1243   12 years landlord Some hints for using the 'oscam.srvid'
(edit) @1242   12 years landlord Small hint 'unix text file only' for the new 'oscam.srvid'
(edit) @1241   12 years landlord Now the new 'oscam.srvid' format supports comments and empty lines, …
(edit) @1237   12 years landlord New 'oscam.srvid' format introduced with example and documentation, …
(edit) @1236   12 years dingo35 New SetParity function in IO_Serial
(edit) @1235   12 years dingo35 Cleanup reader_type code in csctapi
(edit) @1234   12 years dingo35 Clean up unused csctapi code
(edit) @1231   12 years nightmann small cosmetical change for x86 by hexalot
(edit) @1227   12 years dingo35 Fix SH4 compiler error
(edit) @1224   12 years dingo35 Move phoenix/smartmouse transmit and receive to ifd_phoenix.c
(edit) @1223   12 years dingo35 Fix compiler errors for Coolstream, GPIO (for wrt) not fixed yet
(edit) @1222   12 years dingo35 Remove debug messages
(edit) @1221   12 years dingo35 Fix compiler errors on tuxbox and mipsel platforms
(edit) @1220   12 years dingo35 Move Device_Init and GetStatus functions to ICC_Async, and adding …
(edit) @1219   12 years dingo35 Remove unused NO_PAR_SWITCH and Begin/EndTransmission stuff
(edit) @1218   12 years cogsi Macro naming now better represents code function
(edit) @1217   12 years cogsi speedfrog's cccam-reader updates (thanks!)
(edit) @1216   12 years dingo35 Init sci reader properly, better safe than sorry
(edit) @1215   12 years dingo35 Fix SH4 compiler error
(edit) @1214   12 years landlord Parameter 'hideclients_to' switched from minutes to seconds, backport …
(edit) @1213   12 years landlord Documentation update: 'boxkey' and 'rsakey' can be used for Irdeto …
(edit) @1209   12 years dingo35 Fix compiler errors
(edit) @1208   12 years dingo35 Integrate the two different reader_type mechanisms
(edit) @1207   12 years dingo35 Remove executable bit of newly added ifd* files
(edit) @1206   12 years dingo35 Remove executable bit of newly added ifd* files
(edit) @1205   12 years dingo35 Move code for SCI-readers to ifd_sci.c
(edit) @1204   12 years dingo35 Fix print protocol lines
(edit) @1203   12 years dingo35 Limit 0x3B fix for irdeto S02 to sci devices & irdeto only
(edit) @1201   12 years nightmann tiger_ideakey is obsolete
(edit) @1200   12 years nightmann For irdeto cards you can now use boxkey in oscam.server as irdeto …
(edit) @1199   12 years landlord Documentation update: RSA/boxkey parameter more global
(edit) @1196   12 years nightmann 1. simplifiy tiger sessionkey negotiation. Patch by hexalot 2. make …
(edit) @1193   12 years dingo35 Fix some ATR issues on Dreambox, especially irdeto S02 card
(edit) @1185   12 years rorothetroll remove old smartreader code
(edit) @1184   12 years rorothetroll fix OS X g++ CXX_FLAGS
(edit) @1183   12 years dingo35 Move Coolstream Transmit,Receive,SetBaudrate to ifd_cool.c
(edit) @1182   12 years dingo35 Move Coolstream Reset and Getstatus to ifd_cool.c
(edit) @1181   12 years landlord DVB API update: now with improved CA/demux/multi tuner device …
(edit) @1179   12 years rorothetroll fix the includes war between Chado and Dingo35. You can fix it better …
(edit) @1178   12 years rorothetroll fix the lib nxp problem
(edit) @1171   12 years dingo35 Add experimental support for Coolstream readers
(edit) @1168   12 years dingo35 Revert rev 1133 Please STOP cluttering up our code with meaningless, …
(edit) @1167   12 years nightmann small fixes in swapCW. Now cabo works again. thx FilipeAmadeuO for testing.
(edit) @1165   12 years nightmann give only the shared adress to emm clients
(edit) @1164   12 years nightmann fix typo :((
(edit) @1162   12 years nightmann 1.Fix some timming issues 2.remove some debug output 3.some changes in …
(edit) @1161   12 years dingo35 Restore old config.h file, sorry
(edit) @1160   12 years dingo35 Fix compiler errors
(edit) @1150   12 years landlord Fix fault input in 'module-camd35.c' on 64 bit platforms, thanks to jenova
(edit) @1148   12 years landlord Separated some gbox stuff.
(edit) @1147   12 years landlord Fix for ucLibc 0.9.28 Makefile
(edit) @1145   12 years rorothetroll added patch for the pcscreader part of ticket 327. I won't touch the …
(edit) @1138   12 years dingo35 Implement specific mode
(edit) @1137   12 years C.H.A.D.o Fix compiler warnings Add Wextra flag
(edit) @1136   12 years landlord Fixed issue of an unset time for client[0], if no client connects, …
(edit) @1133   12 years C.H.A.D.o Remove unused parameters
(edit) @1125   12 years C.H.A.D.o Remove unused parameters
(edit) @1124   12 years dingo35 Fix timing parameters from ATR
(edit) @1122   12 years dingo35 Update tables to ISO-7816-3 2006
(edit) @1121   12 years dingo35 Fix DM7025 problem on T14 irdeto cards
(edit) @1116   12 years nightmann some cosmetical changes only
(edit) @1115   12 years landlord DVB API auto detection, now with DVB API version 1 + 3 support, multi …
(edit) @1113   12 years dingo35 Fix log message that was not accurate part 2
(edit) @1112   12 years dingo35 Fix log message that was not accurate
(edit) @1111   12 years landlord DVB API now with dbox2 support
(edit) @1102   12 years landlord Remove restrictions in '', backport from …
(edit) @1100   12 years rorothetroll looks like the warning is for all OSes, so fixed.
(edit) @1098   12 years rorothetroll fix some warning for PCSC includes on OS X
(edit) @1093   12 years C.H.A.D.o Fix ticket #308
(edit) @1090   12 years C.H.A.D.o Fix parentheses warnings
(edit) @1087   12 years landlord Documentation update for Dreambox reader overclocking
(edit) @1086   12 years dingo35 Remove overclocking code for sci-readers, max clockrate is …
(edit) @1085   12 years dingo35 Implement PTS for SCI readers
(edit) @1084   12 years C.H.A.D.o Fix implicit-function-declaration warnings
(edit) @1083   12 years nightmann Added Tigercard(Tivusat) and probably Mediaset Premium(untested) …
(edit) @1080   12 years landlord DVBAPI 3 updated, now with boxtype parameter, auto detect of 'camd.socket'
(edit) @1077   12 years landlord Added Tiger SC RSA and IDEA key paramter to documentation, preparation only
(edit) @1076   12 years nightmann revert latest changes on module-newcamd. We do the alignment better in …
(edit) @1074   12 years nightmann prepare oscam config for tigercard values. Note: use tiger_ideakey or …
(edit) @1073   12 years dingo35 Fix compile problem for SH4, sorry
(edit) @1071   12 years dingo35 Make T14 obey TA1; fix setting fs for Dreambox so Irdeto cards work …
(edit) @1070   12 years landlord New uniq level 3: only one connection per user, but only the last …
(edit) @1069   12 years dingo35 Add KabelBW ATR to reader-videoguard
(edit) @1068   12 years C.H.A.D.o Happy New Year!
(edit) @1061   12 years dingo35 Added algorythm to pps.c to obey/reject TA1 byte
(edit) @1060   12 years landlord Update documentation: hints on optional features
(edit) @1059   12 years dingo35 Fix array boundary bug in pps.c
(edit) @1051   12 years landlord Update for DVB API 3 module, thanks to _network
(edit) @1048   12 years landlord Fix for 'allowed' paramter, backport from 'monitor-improvement' branch
(edit) @1045   12 years nightmann on nagra newcamd connection we must export the complete cardserial to …
(edit) @1043   12 years nightmann 1. now ifs request works witrh patch from hexalot. [nagra-reader] …
(edit) @1030   12 years landlord New version of DVB API with auto detection of demux and CA devices, …
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