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(edit) @497   11 years dingo35 Fix small bug in debugging configs
(edit) @496   11 years dingo35 Improved user information + logging on Sky Italy cards
(edit) @495   11 years dingo35 Sky Italia fix, many thanks to Sifteam and Pynkyz
(edit) @494   11 years dingo35 Clockrate was fixed to 6.0 Mhz, now obeys mhz parameter
(edit) @493   11 years dingo35 Unique EMM got broken with optical changes in release 17
(edit) @492   11 years dingo35 Fix ECM Tricolor
(edit) @491   11 years dingo35 Add DRECRYPT, card 0x14 not yet working..
(edit) @481   11 years dingo35 Fix small PTS bug
(edit) @480   11 years landlord documentation updated (reader speed), thanks to dingo35 for input
(edit) @479   11 years dingo35 enable phoenix readers on tuxbox arch for videoguard2
(edit) @478   11 years dingo35 Protocol = mouse as default to prevent strange behaviour when unspecified
(edit) @477   11 years dingo35 Fix serial comm parameters for Tuxbox devices
(edit) @476   11 years dingo35 Improved logging on ecm, dcw and dcw checksum
(edit) @474   11 years landlord documentation updated: comment lines
(edit) @473   11 years dingo35 Optimization of write_card routines + related bugfix in viaccess_do_emm
(edit) @472   11 years landlord documentation updated
(edit) @471   11 years dingo35 Restoring Makefiles to revision 469, got messed up by cmake
(edit) @470   11 years dingo35 Several small bugfixes, amongst others fixing incorrect protocol=mouse …
(edit) @469   11 years dingo35 Solve bug in recognizing skyitalia 93b card, thanks to Cyberx
(edit) @468   11 years landlord added 'warnings of invalid keywords in config files while starting' in …
(edit) @467   11 years landlord print warnings on invalid keywords in config files, centralizes some …
(edit) @466   11 years landlord add Videoguard ATR, add logging the traffic from and to the card in …
(edit) @465   11 years landlord NDS Videoguard updates, thanks to dingo35
(edit) @464   11 years landlord small optimization of cmake for Cgywin compiler options
(edit) @463   11 years landlord optimization of Makefile for CS_CONFDIR and Cgywin compiler options
(edit) @462   11 years landlord fix for reader-nds.c, thanks for reviewing the code to dingo35
(edit) @461   11 years landlord removed Sky GER NDS ATR from reader-videoguard2.c
(edit) @460   11 years landlord fixed error with fread while compiling reader-common, thanks to merek
(edit) @459   11 years landlord added libcrypto compiler option to sh4 build
(edit) @458   11 years landlord maps the provider id for Betacrypt from FFFFFF to 000000, fixes …
(edit) @457   11 years rorothetroll reader-nds.c : check whether we use the system aes include or not …
(edit) @456   11 years rorothetroll fix some casting as it doesn't compile on OS X otherwizse with -Werror
(edit) @455   11 years landlord merging NDS patches together
(edit) @454   11 years landlord update reader-common.c NDS to Videoguard
(edit) @453   11 years landlord added support for Sky GER NDS Videoguard, many thanks to early_santa
(edit) @452   11 years landlord now with blocknano functions, many thanks to dingo35
(edit) @449   11 years landlord documentation updated: userlog format added
(edit) @431   11 years smurzch2 Add WRT54G target in the cmake builds.
(edit) @424   11 years smurzch2 Add new 093E viasat ATR.
(edit) @215   11 years smurzch2 Add examples and monitor files in the install.
(edit) @214   11 years smurzch2 Add support for YES DBS Israel, and bug fix. thanks to an anonymous …
(edit) @206   11 years landlord small fixes in example and doc
(edit) @205   11 years landlord examples in doc added, mpcs monitor sources added
(edit) @204   11 years C.H.A.D.o CMake on Windows/Cygwin could not find conf files in "/usr/local/etc"
(edit) @202   11 years smurzch2 Trunk now support CMake 2.4 too.
(edit) @132   11 years landlord documentation updated with examples
(edit) @131   11 years smurzch2 Install man pages and txt doc files.
(edit) @130   11 years landlord new documentation, old documentation archived
(edit) @129   11 years landlord
(edit) @128   11 years landlord
(edit) @127   11 years smurzch2 Back to SVN numbering.
(edit) @125   11 years smurzch2 Update VERSION log
(edit) @124   11 years smurzch2 Version 0.99.4 is here. :-)
(edit) @123   11 years smurzch2 Add package building part in the cmake configuration
(edit) @122   11 years smurzch2 Better handling of the binary size. Use -s gcc flag for stripping, …
(edit) @121   11 years smurzch2 Make code compiling under Mac OS X. Functions like strncpy, fopen, …
(edit) @120   11 years smurzch2 cmake now works with Windows/cygwin too.
(edit) @119   11 years smurzch2 Close the file if it was opened correctly. If we don't close the …
(edit) @118   11 years smurzch2 Add logging of CW in files for offline decrypting. Thanks to an …
(edit) @117   11 years smurzch2 The last entry in mpcs.srvid was never displayed in the monitor.
(edit) @116   11 years polo remame mcps.mem to oscam.mem & mcps.log to oscam.log
(edit) @115   11 years smurzch2 Disable parental lock in viaccess if needed. If the config ask to …
(edit) @114   11 years smurzch2 Raises the maxtuntab value from 4 to 16. This is most interesting for …
(edit) @113   11 years rorothetroll reader-viaccess.c : added patch for TVN ECM provided by Kolunchik in …
(edit) @112   11 years smurzch2 Re-add the use of oscam-ostype.h if we use the "old" Makefile.
(edit) @111   11 years smurzch2 Remove some useless sets in CMakeLists.txt
(edit) @110   11 years smurzch2 Use our own AES functions if we don't detect them.
(edit) @109   11 years smurzch2 Define CS_OS* in the CMakeLists.txt
(edit) @108   11 years smurzch2 Better handling of CS_CONFDIR.
(edit) @107   11 years smurzch2 Add install targets to the cmake build system.
(edit) @106   11 years smurzch2 Update README for the cmake build process.
(edit) @105   11 years smurzch2 Add config dir as a configuration value.
(edit) @104   11 years smurzch2 Add cross-compilation setup for sh4 amino
(edit) @103   11 years smurzch2 Ignore my build directories
(edit) @102   11 years smurzch2 Try to use CMake for build system. This is a preliminary test for …
(edit) @101   11 years smurzch2 Add Fonera2 target
(edit) @100   11 years polo remove card_info logging after log rotation card_info is buggy for …
(edit) @99   11 years rorothetroll reader-viaccess.c : a log message was lost in the last commit. re-adding.
(edit) @98   11 years rorothetroll reader-viaccess.c : smurzch and I got a PPV/VOD EMM from a contact …
(edit) @97   11 years polo o patch for the newcamd idle bug, based on the fix from KrazyIvan in …
(edit) @96   11 years polo Add card info logging when log file reach MaxLogSize
(edit) @95   11 years smurzch2 Try decoding first on local cards. Thanks to okmikel for this patch. …
(edit) @94   11 years smurzch2 Wait for local cards on oscam startup before oening network ports …
(edit) @93   11 years smurzch2 Change timeouts from seconds to milliseconds. Thanks for this patch …
(edit) @92   11 years rorothetroll reader-viaccess.c : added a casting to char * for the aes key so that …
(edit) @91   11 years smurzch2 Update german documentation. Thanks merek for this.
(edit) @90   11 years smurzch2 Skip d2 nano data correctly to retreive prov id.
(edit) @89   11 years smurzch2 Add code for videoaccess d2 nano using AES. To have it working, just …
(edit) @88   11 years smurzch2 Extend the Uniq= parameter to accept many connections from the same …
(edit) @87   11 years smurzch2 Add ATR for Premiere NDS card. But it is not tested at this time.
(edit) @86   11 years smurzch2 Add support for 10MHz readers (thanks to merek)
(edit) @85   11 years rorothetroll reader-viaccess.c : improve the test for the d2 nano (check the size …
(edit) @84   11 years rorothetroll reader-viaccess.c : added a test for the d2 nano which causes the …
(edit) @83   11 years smurzch2 Add BoxID reader configuration, and the "new" Sky UK ATR. We can now …
(edit) @82   11 years rorothetroll reader-videoguard2.c : added DirecTV ATR but it doesn't work. More …
(edit) @80   11 years smurzch2 Remove warnings with gcc 4.2 (at least).
(edit) @79   11 years rorothetroll csctapi/io_serial.c : fix a type in one of the command to be sent to …
(edit) @78   11 years smurzch2 Back to SVN vesion.
(edit) @76   11 years smurzch2 Set version to 0.99.3.
(edit) @75   11 years smurzch2 Wee need sys/time.h, even if we don't use poll.
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