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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Severity
#4865 Please add CAID 5521 (Griffin) and 5525 to oscam new defect critical medium
#4365 OSCam is not respecting oscam.dvbapi when recording was started on sh4/dvbapi boxes (on openpli) new theparasol defect major high
#4445 oscam.dvbapi priority dont work if preferlocalcards = 2 new WIDI RISTIANTO defect major medium
#4486 the structure demux_lock[i].answerlock is not initialized new defect major low
#4520 NDS problem with MDVBAPI + OSCAM new defect major medium
#4610 Support for DVBApi decode Caid 1814 new enhancement major high
#4627 Mediaset Premium changes ECM Lenght on 5W new MilanFan defect major high
#4737 DVBAPI Incorrect count of descramblers during recording and playing same file assigned nautilus7 defect major high
#4744 Please add to trunk: New patch to fix ticket #4737 (Incorrect count of descramblers) assigned nautilus7 defect major high
#4757 Griffin card update new defect major medium
#4772 Keine Aufnahme mit Coolstream und Oscam Rev 11533 new defect major Please fill in
#4467 Oscam DVBAPI reload function new enhancement minor low
#4829 mapping and ignore with ECMLength in oscam.dvbapi new enhancement minor medium
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