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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Severity
#4867 oscam-garbage.c new defect critical low
#4879 Fix macOS Monterey compilation issues new defect critical high
#4364 Is it possible to filter out bad client ecms before forwarding them to reader ? new enhancement major medium
#4548 cs378x user with wrong password dosen't Failban new defect major high
#4628 Pidfile shows CHILD process id and not MAIN process id in background mode new enhancement major medium
#4671 not fully compatibility generic clients logon as anonymous - 100% CPU power consuming new defect major medium
#4673 hostname option crashs oscam new defect major medium
#4822 mapping ECMLenght oscam.whitelist new defect major medium
#4857 cccam server set with ipv4 IP will fail to fallback to IPv4 new defect major medium
#4109 oscam.emmcache is not found at startup if an emm log dir is set reopened theparasol defect minor low
#4127 localcards is missing in documentation new docman defect minor Please fill in
#4129 ECM Double Check malfunction new defect minor medium
#4311 MAX accepted ECM time new enhancement minor low
#4341 SSSP not working since r10812 new defect minor high
#4465 needs OSX 10.11 support (for SDK) new defect minor high
#4491 new defect minor medium
#4495 Fix closing oscam in *BSD new defect minor medium
#4582 non working fallback to ipv4 and bindwait delay problem on SH4 system without ipv6 and with OSCam with compiled ipv6 new defect minor medium
#4717 Cmake compiler Problem with libusb and pcsc and reader/webif assigned Gorgone Impertinence defect minor Please fill in
#4868 compiler warnings - openssl 3.0.0 new enhancement minor low
#4896 Add containerization support new enhancement minor low
#4493 Avoid using -ldl on platforms other than Linux new defect trivial medium
#4497 OpenBSD change config map to default new enhancement trivial low
#4755 emmlogdir=/xxx does not work for oscam.emmcache & oscam.emmstat new defect trivial low
#4846 ECM Double Check improvements new enhancement trivial medium
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