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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Severity
#4177 ver 10657 not showing current channel all the time in field new defect major medium
#4313 is now forced to be in the oscam config folder in discordance with the setup new defect major medium
#4431 Improvement request for GUI/BUI web interface new enhancement major medium
#4463 The entitlement don't update on the WebIf status site new defect major low
#4484 bug OScam Webif with svn-r11270 x86_64-linux-gnu new defect major high
#4004 webif - cacheex new defect minor low
#4246 Just a small cosmetic request ... new LePouSAT defect minor low
#4316 Include used tier in ecmfmt new enhancement minor medium
#4710 Log shows 'password invalid' even when (only) the IP is invalid, please change new enhancement minor low
#4713 Webif fault in readerconfig.html new defect minor medium
#4730 Patch to identify Multics Hellboy versions serving cccam readers to oscam new enhancement minor low
#4768 Allow smaller loghistorylines new enhancement minor low
#4781 Empty Livelog when search for (F/ new defect minor medium
#4399 Column "Groups" did not show up in userconfig.html new defect trivial low
#4654 Oscam incorrectly stores service's name containing vertical bar | and cuts service names in webui new defect trivial high
#4097 OSCam r10403 crashes after restart by webif reopened defect Please fill in Please fill in
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