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#3649 [nagra] T1 Resync command error reopened defect Reader critical
#4292 Conax 0B00 unique emm write error new defect Protocol - Newcamd critical
#4354 No EMMS sent via DVBApi (blocked and saved uniques are completely ignored)? new defect DVBApi critical
#4357 MAX_DEMUX != INDEX_MAX and deadlock for dvbapi_get_descindex new defect DVBApi critical
#4384 some dongle boxes connected via serial port with hsic and bomba protocols can't get cw from ecm new defect General critical
#4411 [smargo] card system not supported new defect Reader critical
#4413 Readerstat webinterface info doesn't display NOK count corectly! new defect ! Please select... critical
#4564 Base year wrong in videoguard 2 reading new defect Reader critical
#4566 CHID issue since 11329 new defect Reader critical
#4612 keys not send to Tvheadend new defect DVBApi critical
#4672 Oscam always tries to resolve dyndns through ipv6 new defect Protocol - CCCam critical
#4718 NASP190 MerQ25 not support in oscam new defect Card support critical
#4733 Caiway Reader Problem backup card new defect Card support critical
#4769 Allow 0 fallback readers in loadbalancer new enhancement Loadbalancer critical
#4774 ACR38 smart card reader, conax card, no write emm from users assigned jaka@… defect Reader critical
#4836 fix dead code in oscam-dvbapi.c new enhancement DVBApi critical
#4843 sids new defect Protocol - CCCam critical
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