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#4399 Column "Groups" did not show up in userconfig.html new defect Webinterface trivial
#4404 A1 NDS Card new defect Card support trivial
#4425 Client with AU setting for save the EMM stops working new defect Reader trivial
#4493 Avoid using -ldl on platforms other than Linux new defect General trivial
#4497 OpenBSD change config map to default new enhancement General trivial
#4624 Trying to get CW from another channel... new task ! Please select... trivial
#4654 Oscam incorrectly stores service's name containing vertical bar | and cuts service names in webui new defect Webinterface trivial
#4755 emmlogdir=/xxx does not work for oscam.emmcache & oscam.emmstat new defect General trivial
#4846 ECM Double Check improvements new enhancement General trivial
#4880 Compile warnings with gcc > 12.x new defect ! Please select... trivial
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