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#4769 Allow 0 fallback readers in loadbalancer new enhancement critical Loadbalancer
#4865 Please add CAID 5521 (Griffin) and 5525 to oscam new defect critical DVBApi
#4867 oscam-garbage.c new defect critical General
#4891 camd35 protocol bag new defect critical Protocol - Camd3
#4409 CSP connections duplicated when remote CSP is restarted. new defect major Cache-EX
#4431 Improvement request for GUI/BUI web interface new enhancement major Webinterface
#4483 caid 0910 cannot read new defect major Card support
#4484 bug OScam Webif with svn-r11270 x86_64-linux-gnu new defect major Webinterface
#4486 the structure demux_lock[i].answerlock is not initialized new defect major DVBApi
#4494 Griffin 5508 with stapi no communication new defect major Reader
#4516 NOK ECMs on 0963 new task major Reader
#4520 NDS problem with MDVBAPI + OSCAM new defect major DVBApi
#4530 mode1 - drop CSP cache new enhancement major Reader
#4534 Error when writing EMM with Polsat Cyfrowy (caid 1861) new defect major Card support
#4548 cs378x user with wrong password dosen't Failban new defect major General
#4569 Load balancer statistics doesn't collect average time new defect major Loadbalancer
#4571 1st request to a inactivitytimeout disconnected reader always fails with timeout new defect major Reader
#4585 canal+africa Nagra layer found new defect major Card support
#4592 caid 0960 needs to be added to halfcw NDS list in oscam-chk.c new defect major CW Cycle Check
#4596 Abel Card 4AEB new enhancement major Card support
#4610 Support for DVBApi decode Caid 1814 new enhancement major DVBApi
#4618 Newcamd fails to bind if IPv6 support is compiled, but run on IPv4 host only new defect major Protocol - Newcamd
#4627 Mediaset Premium changes ECM Lenght on 5W new MilanFan defect major DVBApi
#4628 Pidfile shows CHILD process id and not MAIN process id in background mode new enhancement major General
#4633 New Black Card VideoGuard Viasat Caid 0940 new Bokista defect major Card support
#4638 Need to force reader priority new enhancement major Loadbalancer
#4639 Force reader priority new enhancement major Loadbalancer
#4671 not fully compatibility generic clients logon as anonymous - 100% CPU power consuming new defect major General
#4725 sometimes reset HD03 card after renew session key new defect major Card support
#4737 DVBAPI Incorrect count of descramblers during recording and playing same file assigned nautilus7 defect major DVBApi
#4744 Please add to trunk: New patch to fix ticket #4737 (Incorrect count of descramblers) assigned nautilus7 defect major DVBApi
#4766 Proposal for ECM Doublecheck improvments new enhancement major CW Cycle Check
#4767 Tweak ECM Doublecheck new enhancement major Reader
#4772 Keine Aufnahme mit Coolstream und Oscam Rev 11533 new defect major DVBApi
#4777 resync error HD05 after nearly 36500 CMDs new defect major Card support
#4778 Hop new enhancement major Reader
#4784 TV DOZHD 31.5E (0500:41200) - no EMM update new defect major ! Please select...
#4822 mapping ECMLenght oscam.whitelist new defect major General
#4845 Astra cesbo newcamd client get rejected group no matching reader new defect major Protocol - Newcamd
#4857 cccam server set with ipv4 IP will fail to fallback to IPv4 new defect major General
#4877 Nagra Tunnel detection makes Seca card error or go off new defect major Reader
#4878 cachematch new defect major Cache-EX
#4881 Build Error on Ubuntu 20.04 new defect major Reader
#4886 Nagra 1884 Poland patch new defect major Card support
#4900 Add "fallbacktimeout_percaid" to reader new enhancement major Reader
#4129 ECM Double Check malfunction new defect minor General
#4246 Just a small cosmetic request ... new LePouSAT defect minor Webinterface
#4267 c (newcamd) AU disabled for user using newcamd port config 9999@0000:000000 new defect minor Protocol - Newcamd
#4301 check if both odd/even key are changed new enhancement minor CW Cycle Check
#4341 SSSP not working since r10812 new defect minor General
#4444 Out of Control Connection attemps to Network-Reader new defect minor Reader
#4465 needs OSX 10.11 support (for SDK) new defect minor General
#4467 Oscam DVBAPI reload function new enhancement minor DVBApi
#4491 new defect minor General
#4582 non working fallback to ipv4 and bindwait delay problem on SH4 system without ipv6 and with OSCam with compiled ipv6 new defect minor General
#4710 Log shows 'password invalid' even when (only) the IP is invalid, please change new enhancement minor Webinterface
#4722 CacheEx Push (mode 2) high CPU usage on Windows new defect minor Cache-EX
#4768 Allow smaller loghistorylines new enhancement minor Webinterface
#4781 Empty Livelog when search for (F/ new defect minor Webinterface
#4829 mapping and ignore with ECMLength in oscam.dvbapi new enhancement minor DVBApi
#4852 (newcamd) user userXX authenticated successfully (unknown - please report) new defect minor Protocol - Newcamd
#4869 Tivu 1856 new defect minor Card support
#4893 add button for hide sleep users on status web if new enhancement minor Webinterface
#4896 Add containerization support new enhancement minor General
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