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#4601 CW 000000 on 0963 / 0960 from card in card reader new defect Please fill in Protocol - CCCam
#4654 Oscam incorrectly stores service's name containing vertical bar | and cuts service names in webui new defect trivial Webinterface
#4341 SSSP not working since r10812 new defect minor General
#4465 needs OSX 10.11 support (for SDK) new defect minor General
#4062 EMM Updates (newcamd -> oscam) new defect major Reader
#4179 DVBAPI Client Fallback doesnt work anymore new defect major DVBApi
#4188 New CAID 0941 new enhancement major Card support
#4200 CCcam cw crypt and MSG_NEW_CARD new defect major Protocol - CCCam
#4253 Higher CPU Load - problem with EMM Cache reopened defect major General
#4280 memory leaks after refreshing users db reopened defect major General
#4365 OSCam is not respecting oscam.dvbapi when recording was started on sh4/dvbapi boxes (on openpli) new theparasol defect major DVBApi
#4405 timeout/not found on card on startup - irdeto_do_cmd [0] 00 0 new theparasol defect major Card support
#4484 bug OScam Webif with svn-r11270 x86_64-linux-gnu new defect major Webinterface
#4534 Error when writing EMM with Polsat Cyfrowy (caid 1861) new defect major Card support
#4548 cs378x user with wrong password dosen't Failban new defect major General
#4585 canal+africa Nagra layer found new defect major Card support
#4592 caid 0960 needs to be added to halfcw NDS list in oscam-chk.c new defect major CW Cycle Check
#4596 Abel Card 4AEB new enhancement major Card support
#4610 Support for DVBApi decode Caid 1814 new enhancement major DVBApi
#4627 Mediaset Premium changes ECM Lenght on 5W new MilanFan defect major DVBApi
#4640 Low hits & Many Err Cacheex mode 2-3 new defect major Cache-EX
#4737 DVBAPI Incorrect count of descramblers during recording and playing same file assigned nautilus7 defect major DVBApi
#4744 Please add to trunk: New patch to fix ticket #4737 (Incorrect count of descramblers) assigned nautilus7 defect major DVBApi
#4766 Proposal for ECM Doublecheck improvments new enhancement major CW Cycle Check
#4767 Tweak ECM Doublecheck new enhancement major Reader
#4784 TV DOZHD 31.5E (0500:41200) - no EMM update new defect major ! Please select...
#4672 Oscam always tries to resolve dyndns through ipv6 new defect critical Protocol - CCCam
#4769 Allow 0 fallback readers in loadbalancer new enhancement critical Loadbalancer
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