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Ticket Summary Status Owner Priority Component Severity
#4634 Invalid ecm type for card - NC+ seca card new blocker Reader high
#4647 OSCam r11397 not descrambling to TVHeadend - DVBapi - Smargo serial protocol - Linux new blocker DVBApi high
#4760 Crash when EMM is enabled new blocker Reader high
#4770 HD01 card init *** buffer overflow detected *** new blocker Reader high
#3649 [nagra] T1 Resync command error reopened critical Reader medium
#4292 Conax 0B00 unique emm write error new critical Protocol - Newcamd high
#4354 No EMMS sent via DVBApi (blocked and saved uniques are completely ignored)? new critical DVBApi medium
#4357 MAX_DEMUX != INDEX_MAX and deadlock for dvbapi_get_descindex new critical DVBApi medium
#4384 some dongle boxes connected via serial port with hsic and bomba protocols can't get cw from ecm new critical General high
#4411 [smargo] card system not supported new critical Reader high
#4413 Readerstat webinterface info doesn't display NOK count corectly! new critical ! Please select... high
#4564 Base year wrong in videoguard 2 reading new critical Reader high
#4566 CHID issue since 11329 new critical Reader high
#4612 keys not send to Tvheadend new critical DVBApi high
#4672 Oscam always tries to resolve dyndns through ipv6 new critical Protocol - CCCam high
#4718 NASP190 MerQ25 not support in oscam new critical Card support high
#4733 Caiway Reader Problem backup card new critical Card support high
#4774 ACR38 smart card reader, conax card, no write emm from users assigned jaka@… critical Reader high
#4843 sids new critical Protocol - CCCam high
#3510 oscam reader cache should consider srvid as well reopened major Cache-EX Please fill in
#4049 OScam crush sometimes, perhaps cacheex camd35 TCP problems? new major Cache-EX medium
#4062 EMM Updates (newcamd -> oscam) new major Reader high
#4063 0500:043800 not found most of the time new major General Please fill in
#4177 ver 10657 not showing current channel all the time in field new major Webinterface medium
#4179 DVBAPI Client Fallback doesnt work anymore new major DVBApi high
#4200 CCcam cw crypt and MSG_NEW_CARD new major Protocol - CCCam high
#4253 Higher CPU Load - problem with EMM Cache reopened major General high
#4280 memory leaks after refreshing users db reopened major General high
#4286 gbox protocol broken new major General medium
#4308 DVBAPI: the CW is decoded twice for the same channel reopened major DVBApi medium
#4313 is now forced to be in the oscam config folder in discordance with the setup new major Webinterface medium
#4365 OSCam is not respecting oscam.dvbapi when recording was started on sh4/dvbapi boxes (on openpli) new theparasol major DVBApi high
#4405 timeout/not found on card on startup - irdeto_do_cmd [0] 00 0 new theparasol major Card support high
#4409 CSP connections duplicated when remote CSP is restarted. new major Cache-EX medium
#4445 oscam.dvbapi priority dont work if preferlocalcards = 2 new WIDI RISTIANTO major DVBApi medium
#4463 The entitlement don't update on the WebIf status site new major Webinterface low
#4483 caid 0910 cannot read new major Card support medium
#4484 bug OScam Webif with svn-r11270 x86_64-linux-gnu new major Webinterface high
#4486 the structure demux_lock[i].answerlock is not initialized new major DVBApi low
#4487 Restart reader on timeout new major Reader medium
#4494 Griffin 5508 with stapi no communication new major Reader medium
#4520 NDS problem with MDVBAPI + OSCAM new major DVBApi medium
#4534 Error when writing EMM with Polsat Cyfrowy (caid 1861) new major Card support high
#4548 cs378x user with wrong password dosen't Failban new major General high
#4569 Load balancer statistics doesn't collect average time new major Loadbalancer medium
#4571 1st request to a inactivitytimeout disconnected reader always fails with timeout new major Reader medium
#4585 canal+africa Nagra layer found new major Card support high
#4592 caid 0960 needs to be added to halfcw NDS list in oscam-chk.c new major CW Cycle Check high
#4618 Newcamd fails to bind if IPv6 support is compiled, but run on IPv4 host only new major Protocol - Newcamd medium
#4627 Mediaset Premium changes ECM Lenght on 5W new MilanFan major DVBApi high
#4633 New Black Card VideoGuard Viasat Caid 0940 new Bokista major Card support medium
#4640 Low hits & Many Err Cacheex mode 2-3 new major Cache-EX high
#4671 not fully compatibility generic clients logon as anonymous - 100% CPU power consuming new major General medium
#4673 hostname option crashs oscam new major General medium
#4725 sometimes reset HD03 card after renew session key new major Card support Please fill in
#4737 DVBAPI Incorrect count of descramblers during recording and playing same file assigned nautilus7 major DVBApi high
#4744 Please add to trunk: New patch to fix ticket #4737 (Incorrect count of descramblers) assigned nautilus7 major DVBApi high
#4757 Griffin card update new major DVBApi medium
#4772 Keine Aufnahme mit Coolstream und Oscam höher als 11522 new major DVBApi Please fill in
#4777 resync error HD05 after nearly 36500 CMDs new major Card support medium
#4784 TV DOZHD 31.5E (0500:41200) - no EMM update new major ! Please select... high
#4798 Viaccess 6 card not answer reopened major Reader medium
#4822 mapping ECMLenght oscam.whitelist new major General medium
#4845 Astra cesbo newcamd client get rejected group no matching reader new major Protocol - Newcamd medium
#4851 ecm not found, why ? new major Reader medium
#4857 cccam server set with ipv4 IP will fail to fallback to IPv4 new major General medium
#4004 webif - cacheex new minor Webinterface low
#4109 oscam.emmcache is not found at startup if an emm log dir is set reopened theparasol minor General low
#4127 localcards is missing in documentation new docman minor General Please fill in
#4129 ECM Double Check malfunction new minor General medium
#4205 seca 2 wrong expire date new minor Card support medium
#4246 Just a small cosmetic request ... new LePouSAT minor Webinterface low
#4267 c (newcamd) AU disabled for user using newcamd port config 9999@0000:000000 new minor Protocol - Newcamd medium
#4328 0624 Irdeto card wont clear channels new minor Card support low
#4341 SSSP not working since r10812 new minor General high
#4444 Out of Control Connection attemps to Network-Reader new minor Reader medium
#4465 needs OSX 10.11 support (for SDK) new minor General high
#4491 new minor General medium
#4495 Fix closing oscam in *BSD new minor General medium
#4582 non working fallback to ipv4 and bindwait delay problem on SH4 system without ipv6 and with OSCam with compiled ipv6 new minor General medium
#4713 Webif fault in readerconfig.html new minor Webinterface medium
#4717 Cmake compiler Problem with libusb and pcsc and reader/webif assigned Gorgone Impertinence minor General Please fill in
#4722 CacheEx Push (mode 2) high CPU usage on Windows new minor Cache-EX medium
#4781 Empty Livelog when search for (F/ new minor Webinterface medium
#4852 (newcamd) user userXX authenticated successfully (unknown - please report) new minor Protocol - Newcamd low
#4399 Column "Groups" did not show up in userconfig.html new trivial Webinterface low
#4404 A1 NDS Card new trivial Card support medium
#4425 Client with AU setting for save the EMM stops working new trivial Reader low
#4493 Avoid using -ldl on platforms other than Linux new trivial General medium
#4654 Oscam incorrectly stores service's name containing vertical bar | and cuts service names in webui new trivial Webinterface high
#4755 emmlogdir=/xxx does not work for oscam.emmcache & oscam.emmstat new trivial General low
#3824 new dre card provid 000002 not support new Please fill in ! Please select... Please fill in
#4097 OSCam r10403 crashes after restart by webif reopened Please fill in Webinterface Please fill in
#4271 sh4 stapi5 It does not work with realtime clock new Please fill in ! Please select... Please fill in
#4306 conax emm new Please fill in Protocol - CCCam Please fill in
#4322 Oscam causes CCcam client crash new Please fill in ! Please select... Please fill in
#4325 Remote reader 1802 doesn't work with Oscam? new Please fill in ! Please select... Please fill in
#4509 CreatePQ new Please fill in ! Please select... Please fill in
#4583 card is not support new Please fill in ! Please select... Please fill in
#4601 CW 000000 on 0963 / 0960 from card in card reader new Please fill in Protocol - CCCam high
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