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Ticket Summary Status Owner Priority Component Severity
#4769 Allow 0 fallback readers in loadbalancer new critical Loadbalancer high
#4188 New CAID 0941 new major Card support high
#4303 Oscam Twin Protocol freezes every 5 seconds new major Reader medium
#4364 Is it possible to filter out bad client ecms before forwarding them to reader ? new major General medium
#4431 Improvement request for GUI/BUI web interface new major Webinterface medium
#4530 mode1 - drop CSP cache new major Reader medium
#4596 Abel Card 4AEB new major Card support high
#4610 Support for DVBApi decode Caid 1814 new major DVBApi high
#4628 Pidfile shows CHILD process id and not MAIN process id in background mode new major General medium
#4638 Need to force reader priority new major Loadbalancer low
#4639 Force reader priority new major Loadbalancer Please fill in
#4766 Proposal for ECM Doublecheck improvments new major CW Cycle Check high
#4767 Tweak ECM Doublecheck new major Reader high
#4778 Hop new major Reader Please fill in
#4301 check if both odd/even key are changed new minor CW Cycle Check low
#4304 New services column in reader to select this reader in priority new minor Loadbalancer medium
#4311 MAX accepted ECM time new minor General low
#4312 Support for never retry failed load balanced things new minor Loadbalancer low
#4316 Include used tier in ecmfmt new minor Webinterface medium
#4362 ecmtimeoutlimit is needed new minor Reader medium
#4467 Oscam DVBAPI reload function new minor DVBApi low
#4598 Oscam stops processing requests - CCCAM is culprit new mangpatok minor Protocol - CCCam medium
#4710 Log shows 'password invalid' even when (only) the IP is invalid, please change new minor Webinterface low
#4730 Patch to identify Multics Hellboy versions serving cccam readers to oscam new minor Webinterface low
#4768 Allow smaller loghistorylines new minor Webinterface low
#4829 mapping and ignore with ECMLength in oscam.dvbapi new minor DVBApi medium
#4868 compiler warnings - openssl 3.0.0 new minor General low
#4893 add button for hide sleep users on status web if new minor Webinterface low
#4896 Add containerization support new minor General low
#4497 OpenBSD change config map to default new trivial General low
#4846 ECM Double Check improvements new trivial General medium
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