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#4480 orf ice caid 0648 dosn't work with oscam > 11245 defect critical DVBApi high
#4492 from r8703, streamguard programs (caid:0x4AD2) will break off after some minutes. defect critical DVBApi Please fill in
#4525 lack of memory and CPU on MIPS platform causing problems ... defect critical General high
#4528 skylink 0D96 Black screen but ECM found dudko defect critical DVBApi high
#4538 can't build r11303 defect critical Cache-EX Please fill in
#4539 Segmentation fault - start problem (Ultimo 4K) defect critical General high
#4540 oscam crash during startup (client login) after changeset 11310 Gorgone Impertinence defect critical CW Cycle Check high
#4541 oscam not run on vu+solo4k after changeset 11310 defect critical General high
#4557 oscam.server file gets corrupted defect critical Webinterface medium
#4559 empty cw defect critical DVBApi high
#4560 All readers ce1 stopped when you edited a ce1 reader defect critical Cache-EX high
#4568 oscam crash after reader is disabled defect critical Reader high
#4589 NC+ Narga Card system not supported star6900 defect critical Card support high
#4595 A lot of bad sids duplicates defect critical ! Please select... medium
#4600 ECM Length increased to 79 on skyuk on transponder 12148 H 27500 johnjoes58 defect critical CW Cycle Check high
#4617 stream relay default value is wrong ! defect critical Webinterface high
#4651 Function OPENSSL_init problem on openssl 1.1.x defect critical General medium
#4678 OSCAM Cards Not Sharing defect critical Card support high
#4683 Track Error defect critical General high
#4685 CCCAM MULTI defect critical Protocol - CCCam high
#4689 Native nagra card can be blocked by tier with rights 49xx theparasol defect critical Reader high
#4696 not able to make customized oscam bins defect critical General high
#4705 Compile error on Linux PC defect critical General high
#4706 Help config IRDETO CAID 0604 IN TV ARGENTINA defect critical Card support high
#4707 HELP NAGRA MERLIN UPDATE defect critical Card support high
#4712 Save of Blockemm does not work if compiled w/ Nagra Merlin defect critical Reader medium
#4721 Compilation error defect critical General high
#4728 Hardcode "disablecrccws" only for 098C and 09C4 defect critical Reader high
#4731 2 Easy Ways to Generate Income Online enhancement critical Webinterface high
#4735 Play And Win Big Rolls Of Cash After Learning The Rules Of Texas Holdem Poker enhancement critical Webinterface high
#4746 6 Tech Gadgets task critical Protocol - Radegast high
#4753 Caid 186A Resync error trying to reactivate defect critical Reader Please fill in
#4776 Everytime You Produce A Marketing Strategy enhancement critical General Please fill in
#3 Support for Viaaccess TNTSAT SC smurzch2 enhancement major high
#4 Log formats enhancement major General medium
#5 Cleanup Makefile smurzch2 enhancement major medium
#6 Support for Premiere NDS enhancement major medium
#7 Rewrite documentation in English landlord enhancement major medium
#11 Support for Platforma HD for DRECrypt task major medium
#13 error compiling defect major medium
#14 Viaccess SC init fails after restart of oscam defect major medium
#15 increase max. betatunnel mappings defect major medium
#16 PTS support for Viaccess and Cryptoworks SCs rorothetroll task major high
#18 oscam.guess enhancement major medium
#19 New Uniq Group enhancement major low
#23 issue with some channel and tntsat defect major medium
#24 Need make available for IPBox 9000 HD AlexLeopold75 task major medium
#25 details request monitoring port defect major medium
#26 Add DreCrypt card support dingo35 task major General medium
#27 mgcamd HD Support for CAID 1833 and 1834 (Betatunnel) enhancement major medium
#28 Merlin branch segfaults with different cards defect major medium
#29 cmake update for reader-nds.c defect major medium
#31 NDS SKY-IT 093B defect major medium
#32 wher to put all files on ubuntu to make it work defect major medium
#33 Strange 919:0000 initialization problem defect major medium
#34 Add a second ATR for SKY Italia defect major medium
#35 Error in defect major medium
#36 SMARGO reader doesn't work defect major medium
#37 SKY ITALIA CAID 093B + 0919 : system non supported (command len problem) dingo35 defect major medium
#38 add: support for the internal reader of the Coolstream HD1 enhancement major General medium
#39 Error during compilig on 64bit linux machine defect major medium
#40 haw to compiling this source code for dreambox defect major medium
#41 sky it defect major medium
#42 Azbox how to enhancement major high
#43 Bug under Sky DE (Caid 09C4) descrambling - freeze each 10 sec enhancement major medium
#44 SKy it and smargo defect major medium
#45 Little/Big endian trouble in reader-videoguard defect major medium
#46 Nagra 2 and 3 card support (e.g. HD+, UM) nightmann enhancement major medium
#47 DRE with PlatformaHD do not work properly dingo35 defect major high
#49 TotalTV NDS Videoguard not working... enhancement major Card support medium
#51 sky italy ecm still problem defect major medium
#52 maxlogsize setting in oscam.conf is beeing ignored defect major medium
#54 Libopenssl too large to use with OScam on openwrt defect major medium
#55 version information - is this a problem? defect major medium
#56 Foxtel CAID 096C system non supported (command len problem) defect major medium
#57 Blocker enhancement major medium
#58 Compile for i386-pc-linux use -O3 : too aggressive defect major medium
#60 smargo usb on Debian, not Working. defect major medium
#61 improoving irdeto2 defect major medium
#62 Add support to TivuSat Card nightmann enhancement major medium
#64 NDS Overclock enhancement major Reader high
#65 Problem with VIACCESS Swiss card defect major high
#67 smartreader+ support rorothetroll defect major medium
#68 Implemented card tivusat defect major medium
#70 Support for VIACCESS Redlight/SexOnTV card smurzch2 enhancement major General medium
#71 Please, some monitor interface defect major medium
#74 problem reading smartcard 0919 and 093b after first start cam. defect major medium
#75 Support for VIACCESS SRG SUISSE CARD(0500 23800) smurzch2 defect major medium
#76 PC/SC support ? enhancement major medium
#77 pcsc Omnikey 3121 USB reader defect major medium
#82 Errors building 544 mipsel & ppc defect major medium
#83 Error initialising SRG Viaccess card on mipsel (dm8000) smurzch2 defect major medium
#84 Error compiling rev.549 ... defect major medium
#85 Patch proposal to Smartreader protocol enhancement major medium
#86 add: support for the internal reader of the AZBOX HD cogsi enhancement major Reader medium
#87 Sky GER NDS V13 SC does not work defect major high
#90 Usb reader problem SVN553 Bruty defect major medium
#92 With config.h.dbg enabled, it wont compile...rev 544 nightmann defect major medium
#93 hi all defect major medium
#94 OSCAM ECM slow enhancement major high
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