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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Severity
#328 oscam compiling warning ! defect major medium
#329 Not found ECM on Nagra cards TvCabo Rom142 nightmann defect major medium
#332 Card doesn't read! #1162 defect major medium
#334 How about Mbox sharing Support as gbox ? defect major medium
#335 svn1171 building error defect major medium
#336 svn1176 - Compiling fails defect major medium
#337 svn1176 - Cygwin-Compiling fails defect major medium
#338 Error compiling rev. 1177 defect major medium
#339 HD+ Card not 100% stable in DM7025. Logs inside ... defect major medium
#340 10% Not found ECM on PPC version with Nagra card (Dingo35 help !!!) defect major General medium
#341 dvbapi interface for linux dvb-s2 cards not just linux based stbs enhancement major DVBApi low
#342 Support for NDS Videogard Red Card SKY Brasil dingo35 enhancement major Card support medium
#345 Irdeto ACS 5.7 608 Problems defect major General medium
#347 BskyB new 0963 card not supported defect major General medium
#348 Some warning during compilation ... defect major medium
#349 NDS EMM handling patch enhancement major General medium
#351 Please add to supported CardList this cards: task major medium
#352 Increasing Not found ECM on Nagra card PPC Version defect major General medium
#355 build sh4 error defect major medium
#356 A little warning ! defect major medium
#357 Error bulding revision after scv1215 defect major medium
#358 svn1228-sh4-linux cardreader problem defect major Reader high
#361 Error with readers in mipsel binaries from svn1234 and subsequent defect major Reader medium
#362 ccmake not working properly defect major medium
#363 Some warnings while compiling cygwin defect major medium
#364 Error whit 919 card defect major medium
#365 Unable to compile mipsel uclibc 0.9.28 defect major high
#368 proxy and user->hostname setting defect major medium
#369 Season Interface Card support rorothetroll enhancement major Reader medium
#371 hd+ brocken defect major General high
#374 SRG Swiss 4.0 not working...rev.1306 defect major high
#375 rev.1306 doesnt'compile with DEBUG_PROTOCOL enabled in config.h ... defect major medium
#376 smartreader with hd-plus linux-i386 in smartreader-branch not working defect major medium
#377 Error building # 1324 (mipsel - ppc) defect major medium
#379 dvbapi on i386 defect major medium
#380 svn12xx-sh4-linux IPBOX 9000 cardreader problem defect major General medium
#383 NDS EMM updates patch enhancement major low
#384 DM500 PPC tuxbox internal reader autodetect mhz fail to identify 907 card. defect major General high
#386 D+ nagra3 card? defect major General medium
#387 D+ ROM180 Rev. 02 card not supported defect major General medium
#388 svn1377 - Compiling cygwin - error defect major medium
#390 NDS Parental Code For R18 Channel rebdog enhancement major Card support medium
#391 USB readers(adapters) does not work (PL2303,smartgo smartreader) defect major medium
#393 TIVUSAT - OSCam 1379, 1276, and 1083... problem after some minutes/hours/days the CW returned are 00s only and card is "lost". defect major General medium
#394 Sky Brazil, Card Red, P3 Gl54 defect major General medium
#396 nagra 3 problems defect major General medium
#397 ORF CW is broken 1405 SB defect major medium
#398 compilation cygwin to i386-pc failed defect major medium
#399 Error getting status of terminal defect major medium
#400 monitor-improvement -> after time USERS->status->"offline" for all users defect major medium
#401 ERROR, function call IO_Serial_Read (timeout + IFD_TOWITOKO_TIMEOUT defect major high
#402 svn 1503 - reader lost wiwe defect major medium
#403 from an external c-line to user in oscam.user task major General medium
#404 OSCAM Webinterface - No Entitlements for defect major medium
#405 Sk* Italy down ??? defect major medium
#407 Viasat 093E EMM defect major medium
#408 Sky italy 0919 093b change defect major medium
#409 Sky italy 0919 093b change nano defect major medium
#410 sky 093b defect major medium
#412 reader lost on 1613 monitor improvement defect major medium
#414 Smargo native mode 093b not working on OSCAM 0.99.4-SB-svn build #1613 defect major medium
#416 help dream 800 + smartgo defect major medium
#417 last field in an serivce ID definition will be ignored defect major high
#419 Problem initialize viacees card with new version defect major Reader medium
#420 Smargo usb bulk write failed with svn 1756 defect major General medium
#422 exit with signal 11 since build #1660 defect major Protocol - CCCam medium
#424 oscam cccam server is advertising bad caid:ident in the list of "shares" on the CCcam client defect major medium
#426 Last Oscam freeze on Ipbox 200/250 with Sky Ita card 93b defect major General medium
#427 Don't work WEBIF defect major high
#428 Compiler-Fehler defect major medium
#429 reader-videoguard2.c [1714] does not compile cleanly on armel (ok on x86) defect major low
#430 Tivusat 183D nagra oscam emm handler enhancement major Reader low
#431 OlcsoTV (as HelloHD without pairing) 0BAA enhancement major Card support medium
#432 Linux + Infinity Smart USB do not twork defect major Reader medium
#433 pleas remove automatic build with dvbapi for sh4 recivers enhancement major General medium
#434 Smargo works ONLY extracting and reinserting card upon receiving "Error activating card" defect major Reader medium
#435 error on building defect major medium
#436 Compilation OSCam. defect major General medium
#438 Oscam + smargo on dm800 in native mode problem defect major Reader medium
#439 softcam.key defect major medium
#441 Error with 988 card, pls help defect major Reader high
#444 oscam pcsc skyit hangs rorothetroll defect major Reader high
#446 sky fix not work in monitor-improvement defect major medium
#447 Oscam crashed after 10 minutes svn1937 defect major General medium
#450 OSCam reloads again and again after some time and stop working defect major high
#451 error building #1867 defect major high
#452 In svn 1877, the cccam server no longer reshares multiple caids when obtained from a remote cccam reader defect major Protocol - CCCam medium
#455 asiasat3s star package card reading failed in oscam defect major medium
#457 093b still not stable defect major high
#458 DreCrypt Platforma HD v15 Card gets not updated defect major medium
#459 DreCrypt Platforma HD v15 Card gets not updated defect major Card support medium
#460 problem with version 1906 exit with signal 11 defect major General medium
#463 Error building #1947 defect major high
#465 nagra problem 1952 defect major Reader medium
#466 error building #1962 for pc-linux merek defect major medium
#467 Is AU working for Polsat , caid 1803 ? task major General medium
#468 Fix cccam client signal 11 crash when hostname cannot be resolved~- Please add to trunk defect major medium
#469 New Card Betacrypt 2 (OSN) defect major Card support medium
#471 Tivusat nagra3 doesn't update rights enhancement major medium
#473 WebIf user configuration causes exit with signal 11 on some embedded devices alno defect major Webinterface high
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