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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Severity
#4477 Not run on solo4K defect blocker General high
#4488 Problem with Card viaccess 5 limit sids task blocker General high
#4506 After Oscam 11111 all versions of Oscam not work with Sunray trial tuner defect blocker DVBApi high
#4590 Compile error Debian 9 #11370 defect blocker Reader Please fill in
#4604 Oscam High CPU Load With CCcam Module Active defect blocker Protocol - CCCam high
#4634 Invalid ecm type for card - NC+ seca card defect blocker Reader high
#4643 Wrong usage of C language defect blocker ! Please select... high
#4647 OSCam r11397 not descrambling to TVHeadend - DVBapi - Smargo serial protocol - Linux defect blocker DVBApi high
#4666 Iris 9600 HD 02 reboot loop #cccam-oscam #r11420 defect blocker Protocol - CCCam high
#4667 Hight CPU load from oscam #cacheex-oscam #r11420 defect blocker General high
#4668 High CPU load on oscam #cacheex-mod 2 #r11420 defect blocker Cache-EX high
#4669 Oscam reboot loop iris 9600HD #Oscam-cccam #r11420 defect blocker Protocol - CCCam high
#4676 How to use multiple Oscam.user in same oscam server ? defect blocker Reader high
#4679 Please merge this file to trunk (Fix some issues with caid 0650 acs 6.9 ) file fixed and db updated defect blocker Reader high
#4681 Build Error on x86_64 and others (libm not linked) defect blocker General high
#4708 Build error on Matrix Air cam r11487 defect blocker General high
#4714 Build-Error while building without WebIf and LCDSUPPORT defect blocker General high
#4716 Support for HD03 / HD04 cards broken with Changeset 11501 defect blocker General Please fill in
#4760 Crash when EMM is enabled defect blocker Reader high
#4770 HD01 card init *** buffer overflow detected *** defect blocker Reader high
#4801 Invalid ecm type for card NC+ seca card. Seca cards can't be not switched to Nagravision mode defect blocker Reader high
#4818 Kompilieren von Revision 11640 fehlgeschlagen defect blocker General high
#4827 11669 with dvbapi doesn't start defect blocker DVBApi Please fill in
#8 Fix TNtop problem defect critical high
#10 Support for YES DBC Israel (NDS3) smurzch2 enhancement critical high
#30 New Sky It. ECM defect critical medium
#48 HD+ Support enhancement critical high
#53 usb smargo with dm800 defect critical high
#59 Oscam crash when loading local cccam defect critical Protocol - CCCam high
#63 Support for NDS 09AC defect critical Card support medium
#80 Card reader of ipbox 250s defect critical high
#89 0.99.4 rev.542 ok but newest KO on activation card: 246 defect critical high
#119 drecam emm - no serial filter... rorothetroll defect critical medium
#149 Modularity of code selectable on ./configure enhancement critical medium
#160 CWs 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 ..... on SkyIT defect critical medium
#172 Problem building mipsel release 785 defect critical high
#185 Cmake broken in 805 nightmann defect critical high
#186 svn 805 and 806 Compile error on linux nightmann defect critical high
#198 Problem with new release e smargo+nds3(93b) on my server ubuntu defect critical high
#223 irdeto broken in svn868 defect critical high
#230 Error inizialized 0919 svn 925 defect critical high
#237 SkyIT 0919 and PTS failure defect critical high
#265 Maybe Bug in oscam-config.c defect critical high
#269 problem with server cccam version 2.1.3 defect critical Protocol - CCCam high
#270 windows version still have login problem defect critical Protocol - CCCam high
#273 All oscam new version have problem with connect to cccam server defect critical Protocol - CCCam medium
#276 Sky Italia 093b doesnt work since version 828. card intialization failed defect critical high
#286 In new version after .0952 Sky Italy (0919 Card), Not Works. defect critical high
#294 svn 1055 mipsel dm800 defect critical medium
#313 Smargo and Oscam x64 defect critical high
#322 Stack overflow in AU management (all version) with 0919 card and Ubuntu 8.04 32 bit defect critical General high
#326 problem oscam <-> ccam server reconect - login failed, pwd ack not received (n = 0) cogsi defect critical Protocol - CCCam medium
#331 0919 card initializing error, cmd D3BE failed defect critical high
#343 Sorry for last post ;) defect critical high
#346 since version svn1179 error activatin card on nagra TIGER Tivusat 183D defect critical medium
#372 IPBOX don't support defect critical General high
#385 nagra 3 card UPC no work nagra 3 defect critical Card support high
#406 919 93b black defect critical high
#413 smargo card reader doesn't work neither in native mode, neither in mouse mode with Dreambox machines defect critical high
#415 Tivusat working with 1265, not with 1600 defect critical Card support high
#418 PLEASE STOP THE WAR defect critical high
#425 building error with #1700 merek defect critical medium
#453 WEBIF not working on Modular SVN kolyani4 defect critical medium
#461 From ~svn1900 freeze on newcamd client disconnect defect critical high
#464 Bug in OSCAM 10A defect critical General medium
#483 Pls add feature for OSCAM with DVB-API for mips-sigma (azbox) _network enhancement critical DVBApi low
#486 OSCam will not start if a CCcam reader is defined but CCcam is not running defect critical Protocol - CCCam high
#493 bad parameters in oscam-config.c - compiler errors defect critical General medium
#496 bug in reader-cryptoworks.c emm definitions merek defect critical General medium
#497 CAID:0500 ProvID:023700 EMM error defect critical Reader medium
#502 093E defect critical General medium
#516 bug newcamd defect critical Protocol - Newcamd medium
#520 error defect critical Protocol - Newcamd high
#522 signal 11 when running as unprivileged user for linux-x86. defect critical General low
#572 KD D09 Cable Germany CAID 1834 Freeze after 2 Minutes defect critical General medium
#573 WARNING: pipe header to small defect critical General medium
#576 priority CAID and preferlocalcards not worked correctly defect critical DVBApi low
#577 Error in bulid #2539 - Got sigpipe signal -> captured defect critical General medium
#623 Cryptoworks CAID Problem defect critical Protocol - CCCam high
#649 request_cw() failed on reader - asynchronous mode broken since revision 2711 aston defect critical Reader high
#675 oscam merge two cards for au users defect critical Protocol - Newcamd high
#691 DNS Resolver bug using svn2897 defect critical General medium
#696 master deadlock: udp-socket defect critical General medium
#716 Azbox HD internal cardreader nor cccam client working? cogsi defect critical Reader high
#722 Oscam workaround fix for HADU-pc-clients. defect critical General high
#731 message too big on OSCAM 0.99.4svn build #2946 then it crashes defect critical Protocol - CCCam high
#747 CCcam client still losing cards schlocke defect critical Protocol - CCCam high
#748 Shared Address enhancement critical General high
#754 Google Chrome WebIf logon problem svn 29xx alno defect critical Webinterface high
#767 oscam cccam report of the last changes defect critical Protocol - CCCam high
#777 error in 3023 defect critical General high
#778 error emm with version >3016 defect critical General high
#779 3024 nds 0919 not working defect critical Card support high
#795 Oscam CCCam server svn3047 send Wrong Node Data linky777 defect critical Protocol - CCCam high
#810 NOVA HELLAS not work in oscam client! defect critical Protocol - CCCam high
#842 CCcam goes OFF on all servers on 3117 schlocke defect critical Protocol - CCCam high
#843 i think there is a problem in oscam cccam hop2 does not appear in 3133 defect critical Protocol - CCCam high
#846 sky caid 09c4 since 3033 not readable anymore after restart rebdog defect critical Card support high
#848 BUG: ECM times high after reconnect of remote reader defect critical General high
#861 Loadbalance new Mode enhancement critical Reader high
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