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#1635 r ERROR in IO_Serial_Write u=-1 to_send=5 errno=11 defect blocker Reader high
#1723 caid 0664 problem _network defect blocker DVBApi high
#2110 OSCAM Crash (seems related when DNS Reader was not answer) kpc defect blocker Protocol - CCCam high
#2111 Viaccess 2.6 TVR HD card with PCSC reader not working defect blocker Reader medium
#2228 WebIf Combining template elements alno enhancement blocker Webinterface high
#2404 Oscam unknown crash defect blocker General high
#3620 Nagra On Brazil - Oscam Won't Read HD Channels defect blocker Card support high
#3734 0963 card doesn't clear some HD channels - new card pairing method defect blocker Reader high
#3967 Oscam does not recognize card Rom410 RevQ2B Movistar South America, Help.!! < ColombianoTV > defect blocker Card support high
#4488 Problem with Card viaccess 5 limit sids task blocker General high
#4666 Iris 9600 HD 02 reboot loop #cccam-oscam #r11420 defect blocker Protocol - CCCam high
#4667 Hight CPU load from oscam #cacheex-oscam #r11420 defect blocker General high
#4668 High CPU load on oscam #cacheex-mod 2 #r11420 defect blocker Cache-EX high
#4669 Oscam reboot loop iris 9600HD #Oscam-cccam #r11420 defect blocker Protocol - CCCam high
#4827 11669 with dvbapi doesn't start defect blocker DVBApi Please fill in
#149 Modularity of code selectable on ./configure enhancement critical medium
#418 PLEASE STOP THE WAR defect critical high
#716 Azbox HD internal cardreader nor cccam client working? cogsi defect critical Reader high
#861 Loadbalance new Mode enhancement critical Reader high
#1023 093b ERROR, function call IO_Serial_Read dingo35 defect critical Reader high
#1154 oscam.guess not working defect critical General high
#1214 SKY NDS V13 Card Error after some time... defect critical Reader medium
#1239 Protocol_T0_ExchangeTPDU: Received unexpected character C0 rotocol_T0_ExchangeTPDU: Received unexpected character C0 a3639 defect critical Reader high
#1390 webif restart block oscam start ( segmentation fault ) alno defect critical Webinterface high
#1391 Two process on startup defect critical General high
#1434 ALSO ONE MORE THING ABOUT THE allowedtimeframe config. thunderroad enhancement critical ! Please select... high
#1655 cccreshare=0 NOT working (IF Oscam to Oscam or CCcam to Oscam) defect critical Protocol - CCCam high
#1780 091f provider doens't work anymore on oscam? defect critical Card support high
#1787 since 4983 oscam.srvid problem, no webif or service from oscam alno defect critical Webinterface high
#1834 WINDOWS "cccam: invalid header length (expected x, read y)" defect critical Protocol - CCCam high
#1842 High CPU defect critical General medium
#1901 NANO E0 add for some orange channels enhancement critical Card support high
#2007 DM600- internal reader not available defect critical Reader high
#2098 Channels do not clear & wrong expire date of Entitlements for CAID 092E ltvterrestrial defect critical Reader high
#2121 Oscam crash (probably due to cccam reader down) defect critical ! Please select... high
#2495 IRDETO CARD V6 caid(0604) not supported lutashobya enhancement critical Card support medium
#2666 INTERNAL PIPE-ERROR - No debug log, it´s not reproducable Druide defect critical Monitor-Interface medium
#2736 New Card Mediaset not supported enhancement critical Card support high
#2776 Postprocessing on caid 1838 task critical Reader medium
#3059 Locking caid 0100:00006a defect critical General high
#3193 Unpair Irdeto card camkey camdata problem defect critical Card support high
#3213 oscam webif let google chrome crash alno defect critical Webinterface medium
#3363 When Cycle Check is enabled, the reader suddenly stops sending cache in mode 3 defect critical Cache-EX medium
#3364 HD01 defect critical Card support high
#3388 HD chanell can't clearing enhancement critical Card support high
#3439 Issue to read videoguards nds sky card defect critical Reader medium
#3504 Nat geo HD on Sly It O9CD not cleared Trif... defect critical General low
#3535 Very high response times (3001ms) in OScam build oscam-cygwin-svn-9xxx defect critical General medium
#3618 Today Nagra3 HD Channels on 70.0w is down defect critical Card support high
#3694 New NDS BeIn Sport card not working Normandi2 defect critical Card support high
#3704 SRG Swiss 2.6 on OScam 1.2 task critical General medium
#3728 funcard reader pcsc problem defect critical Card support high
#3917 9876 local box connected to local oscam channels not found defect critical ! Please select... medium
#3930 DVBApi not work on PC defect critical DVBApi high
#3982 Latest builds of oscam generate err CW Cacheex defect critical Cache-EX high
#4041 Oscam showing offline proxies as online in status window (Proxies 30/30) defect critical Webinterface high
#4050 I have a problem in the channels in hd caid 1802 not open defect critical ! Please select... high
#4164 Need fix for clockfix defect critical DVBApi medium
#4448 NDS2 VIASAT [internal] card system not supported defect critical Reader medium
#4492 from r8703, streamguard programs (caid:0x4AD2) will break off after some minutes. defect critical DVBApi Please fill in
#4541 oscam not run on vu+solo4k after changeset 11310 defect critical General high
#4559 empty cw defect critical DVBApi high
#4774 ACR38 smart card reader, conax card, no write emm from users jaka@… defect critical Reader high
#4843 sids defect critical Protocol - CCCam high
#4872 The remains of 28.2E is broken with Oscam 11704 defect critical DVBApi high
#4888 Oscam error on openbox sx6 defect critical DVBApi high
#4891 camd35 protocol bag defect critical Protocol - Camd3 high
#4 Log formats enhancement major General medium
#18 oscam.guess enhancement major medium
#28 Merlin branch segfaults with different cards defect major medium
#49 TotalTV NDS Videoguard not working... enhancement major Card support medium
#64 NDS Overclock enhancement major Reader high
#71 Please, some monitor interface defect major medium
#98 600 mhz disabled from svn 518+ please re-add it on latest !! defect major medium
#142 Drecrypt PlatformHD new doesn't work defect major medium
#193 Yes Amos 4w 090D enhancement major Card support medium
#241 Turk platforum dsmart defect major General medium
#248 oscam: svn-trunk camd35 Protokoll error defect major medium
#256 Version 920 is the best until now ... defect major medium
#349 NDS EMM handling patch enhancement major General medium
#403 from an external c-line to user in oscam.user task major General medium
#430 Tivusat 183D nagra oscam emm handler enhancement major Reader low
#433 pleas remove automatic build with dvbapi for sh4 recivers enhancement major General medium
#438 Oscam + smargo on dm800 in native mode problem defect major Reader medium
#441 Error with 988 card, pls help defect major Reader high
#478 Long ECM time Nagra3 DM500 defect major Reader medium
#503 [sh4 version] Problem initialize 2nd card defect major Card support medium
#568 chache delay defect major General medium
#581 Reader watchdog? enhancement major General medium
#588 Romanian DTH HD dingo35 task major Card support medium
#603 oscam does not reload services defect major General medium
#611 ECM columns for readers in webif ! alno enhancement major Webinterface medium
#633 WebIF config bugs defect major General medium
#645 nova still freezing every 2 hours defect major General medium
#647 irtedo problem i have same times black keys defect major Protocol - Newcamd medium
#658 How to add the new CAS to the OSCAM source code enhancement major Reader high
#663 No channel request in azbox hd, something happens, but no channel image. defect major General medium
#671 Offline users statistics alno enhancement major Webinterface low
#677 Feature request: priority or selection of cards based on their serial schlocke enhancement major Protocol - CCCam medium
#679 savenano & blocknano enhancement enhancement major Reader medium
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