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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Severity
#1351 oscam lib 0.6 beta 4 sh4 stapi defect blocker General high
#1516 ipbox panic digiturk 7e stapi pooyair defect blocker Protocol - CCCam medium
#2187 Compile error on x86_64 with WebIF enabled defect blocker General high
#2353 Duplicate local card number and crash on show entitlements defect blocker ! Please select... high
#2388 Oscam complete crash corsair defect blocker General high
#2474 entitlements check error "version 1.20-unstable_svn, build #6573 (x86_64-pc-linux)" defect blocker Card support high
#2665 SVN 7210 breaks running config -> rejected group (1 ms) (0/0/0/0) (no matching reader) defect blocker Reader high
#2670 binary dies on sh4 stapi defect blocker DVBApi high
#2855 Error compiled make i386-pc-linux-ssl-pcsc-libusb REDHAT defect blocker General high
#2970 ERROR: 'internal' is unsupported reader protocol! defect blocker Card support high
#3211 block_same_ip and block_same_name not saved over WebIf alno defect blocker Webinterface high
#3585 Card detection in smartreader fails defect blocker Reader high
#3638 Changeset 9527 task blocker General high
#3659 Oscam compiling failing on Raspbmc Pi defect blocker General high
#3976 building oscam in freebsd after revision 9716 with web_if interfae selected defect blocker Webinterface medium
#4083 OSCam not starting win dvbapi enabled defect blocker DVBApi high
#4435 Changeset 11211 breaks ORF ICE card detection (Cryptoworks) defect blocker Card support high
#385 nagra 3 card UPC no work nagra 3 defect critical Card support high
#453 WEBIF not working on Modular SVN kolyani4 defect critical medium
#520 error defect critical Protocol - Newcamd high
#1069 ESPN America HD Promo 19,2 dark defect critical General high
#1127 CCcam Clients exist/logins multiple defect critical Protocol - CCCam high
#1290 oscam x86 cpu 100% enhancement critical Protocol - CCCam Please fill in
#1433 EMM ENHANCEMENT to be able to controls card EMM enhancement critical General high
#1512 Failban and webif alno defect critical Webinterface high
#1544 svn 4558 ecm time (ltime) not showing in webif OZir defect critical Webinterface high
#1721 ERROR reading from fd 1058 defect critical General medium
#1738 viaccess tntsat lost after few time defect critical Card support high
#1959 newcamd connection with mgcamd dont work anymore defect critical General Please fill in
#2014 STAPI #5650 (sh4-linux-stapi) hang after channel switch. defect critical DVBApi high
#2025 Webif: changed parameters don't show at save alno defect critical Webinterface high
#2114 MBC hd (0B00) task critical ! Please select... low
#2144 OSCam crash on FreeBSD defect critical General high
#2177 Compile Error Debian i686 defect critical General Please fill in
#2215 cccam client crashes oscam defect critical General high
#2298 Oscam not read from local card defect critical DVBApi medium
#2457 Loadbalancer / stat problem: Same channel multiple times in the file defect critical General high
#2699 after update from 7245 to 7274 german sky v13 card crashes defect critical Reader medium
#2766 part of newcamd server crash defect critical Protocol - Newcamd high
#2927 Bulcrypt EMM => oscam crash defect critical Reader high
#2991 Problem connecting to CCcam servers after build #6185 on Oscam for Windows, tek.readers defect critical Protocol - CCCam high
#3038 If web interface is often refresed/enabling/disabling (users/readers) oscam will crash! alno defect critical Webinterface high
#3118 error in compilation defect critical Reader high
#3122 Oscam Compile error Linux x86 defect critical General high
#3238 Status Offline on card after few hour defect critical Reader high
#3264 Rejected Group / Timeout defect critical General high
#3425 Clear Log via WebIF crashes OScam when using "logfile = stdout" in oscam.conf defect critical Webinterface high
#3456 No EMM´s (UQ) written (V13), Oscam on AVM 7390 (easymouse) defect critical Protocol - CCCam Please fill in
#3477 WARNING lock sr_lock (WRITELOCK) timed out. defect critical Reader high
#3515 Recent build not recognize card in SCI0 SCI1 defect critical Reader high
#3679 Can't descramble single channel -> rejected group - (no matching reader) defect critical Reader high
#3690 oscam 9607 webif big problem defect critical Webinterface high
#3723 new reload reader function in r9668 defect critical Reader Please fill in
#3817 cache-ex Mode3 CS378x disconnecting every 60s defect critical Cache-EX medium
#3887 OSCam r9849 with PCSC is restarting to infinity defect critical Card support high
#3965 Can not pause client! defect critical Webinterface Please fill in
#4036 OScam crashed after restart on the Webinterface defect critical Webinterface high
#4215 093E no longer decode <Dave> defect critical Reader high
#4381 dvbapi net mode with vdr doesn't work defect critical DVBApi medium
#4397 Sporadic reconnects - CCCam Clients defect critical Protocol - CCCam medium
#4539 Segmentation fault - start problem (Ultimo 4K) defect critical General high
#4705 Compile error on Linux PC defect critical General high
#4712 Save of Blockemm does not work if compiled w/ Nagra Merlin defect critical Reader medium
#4753 Caid 186A Resync error trying to reactivate defect critical Reader Please fill in
#4871 Working only first audio stream defect critical DVBApi high
#13 error compiling defect major medium
#271 pink plus (irdeto 0602) not supported defect major Card support medium
#292 new oscam caid 919 defect major Card support high
#305 ORF Card ICE is fully supported by Oscam defect major medium
#309 Oscam and HD+ nightmann defect major medium
#386 D+ nagra3 card? defect major General medium
#412 reader lost on 1613 monitor improvement defect major medium
#471 Tivusat nagra3 doesn't update rights enhancement major medium
#509 svn2232 exit with signal 1 defect major Protocol - CCCam medium
#582 Platforma HD on cccam reader doesn't work stable defect major Reader medium
#596 Ignore CAID:ProvID wrong syntax alno defect major Webinterface medium
#634 request_cw() failed on .... error since Build 270x defect major Reader high
#640 dbox2 sc8in1 Parsing Error device = /dev/tts/1:0 defect major General medium
#657 debug level quits OSCAM defect major General medium
#786 error on build i386 defect major General medium
#851 Rev 3153 Fails to compile defect major General medium
#863 cryptoworks freeze defect major Reader high
#920 oscam 1.00 build 3258 defect major General medium
#922 SVN 3260/3264 - CAID 0919 Not working defect major General high
#944 multiple instances of oscam crashes or quits silently on new versions defect major General medium
#959 rev 3317 oscam killed on fritzbox defect major General high
#1013 compile error for sh4 on ubuntu i686 build 3421 defect major General medium
#1110 build #3146 - master deadlock when mgcamd client disconnects defect major Protocol - Newcamd high
#1245 ERROR in IO_Serial_Read errno=0 (was : Timeouts after 2,5 hours) defect major General medium
#1632 AU/EMM not working anymore on new builds defect major General high
#1699 "changed dcw checksum byte". defect major Reader high
#1729 The CCcam client not working defect major Protocol - CCCam medium
#1822 Please add special dvbapi support for generic x86 Linux with VDR ( enhancement major DVBApi medium
#1885 JSC 1-8 Viaccess channels not let OSCam open it defect major General high
#1903 after router reconnects oscam remote clients timeout defect major Protocol - CCCam high
#2023 oscam rev. 5678 dvbapi invalid len during channel switch (zappping) _network defect major DVBApi medium
#2170 nagra card activation problem defect major Card support medium
#2175 "[videoguard2-reader] classD0 ins40: (-2) status not ok" with kernel > 2.6.35 defect major Reader high
#2176 module-newcamd.c:241: error: dereferencing pointer to incomplete type defect major Protocol - Newcamd high
#2299 Newcamd Bug? defect major Protocol - Newcamd high
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