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Duplicated SID's in oscam.srvid and

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In some cases we can find duplicated SID on different channels. For example polish providers (Cyfrowy Polsat and nc+) have this:

1803,1861:0001|Cyfrowy Polsat|MTV Live HD|TV|
1803,1861:0001|Cyfrowy Polsat|Universal Polska|TV|
1803,1861:0002|Cyfrowy Polsat|MTV Polska|TV|
1803,1861:0002|Cyfrowy Polsat|Sci-Fi Eastern Europe|TV|

0100,1813,0B01:0001|nc+|MTV Live HD|TV|
0100,1813,0B01:0001|nc+|Universal Polska|TV|
0100,1813,0B01:0002|nc+|MTV Polska|TV|
0100,1813,0B01:0002|nc+|Sci-Fi Eastern Europe|TV|
... and so on...

You can easly check clicking here:
and here:

So, in we define:

caid = 1803
provid = 000000
srvid = 0001,0001,0002,0002,...and so on...

caid = 0100,1813,0B01
provid = 000000,000068
srvid = 0001,0001,0002,0002,...and so on...

Opening webif, and clicking 'Services', then 'cp' or 'ncplus' services, it shows:

0001 : MTV Live HD
0001 : MTV Live HD
0002 : MTV
0002 : MTV

We can find some more examples of duplicated SIDs:

# 75E - ABS-1
###     Raduga TV
0500,0652:012C|Raduga TV|ESP Russian|TV|
0634,0652:012C|Raduga TV|Russkij illuzion|TV|
0652:0190|Raduga TV|CTC+2|TV|
0500,0652:0190|Raduga TV|ESP2 Russian|TV|
0634,0652:0190|Raduga TV|illuzion +|TV|
0634,0652:01F4|Raduga TV|NAT GEO|TV|
0634,0652:01F4|Raduga TV|Zoo|TV|
0634,0652:03E8|Raduga TV|Discovery Channel Russia|TV|
0634,0652:03E8|Raduga TV|Russkiy Extream|TV|
0634,0652:044C|Raduga TV|Animal Planet Russia|TV|
0634,0652:044C|Raduga TV|HCT|TV|
0634,0652:0514|Raduga TV|Eurokino|TV|
0634,0652:0514|Raduga TV|Fox Life|TV|

So it seems webif gets first matched srvid, and doubles it on another same sid.
It would be nice to fix it :)

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comment:1 by Gorgone Impertinence, 9 years ago

Resolution: wontfix
Status: newclosed

thats not a oscam problem
just fix the wiki

comment:2 by pr2, 9 years ago

This is not a wiki issue it is the way dvbapi is working.
Per satellite the SID should be unique but it is not.
The only way to fix this is to consider also the TP_ID and the NAMESPACE but this is not foreseen in the dvbapi.
So this cannot be fixed.
So there is no solution for this problem, you need to choose which one you want to be displayed but you always have one wrong information for duplicated SIDs.

comment:3 by khimtiki, 9 years ago

Thanks for your answer.
Hmm, maybe there is solution? Like oscam.whitelist we can add ECM_PID after SID?...

For example in oscam.srvid add a new ECM_PID variable (bolded):

1803:0001:1786|Cyfrowy Polsat|MTV Live HD|TV|
1803:0001:0481|Cyfrowy Polsat|Universal Channel Poland|TV|
1803:0002:1784|Cyfrowy Polsat|MTV Polska|TV|
1803:0002:04E5|Cyfrowy Polsat|Sci Fi Poland|TV|

and respectively in

srvid = 0001:1786,0001:0481,0002:1784,0002:04E5,...and so on...

comment:4 by Admin, 9 years ago

There is no sharing protocol that supports further infos like ECMPid which could identify those channels so any change would be of very limited use...just make one entry in srvid file and write "or" between the two channel names :)

comment:5 by khimtiki, 9 years ago

Thanks for explanation. So, the easiest solution imho is:

1803,1861:0001|Cyfrowy Polsat|MTV Live HD/Universal Channel Poland|TV|
1803,1861:0002|Cyfrowy Polsat|MTV Polska/Sci Fi Poland|TV|
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