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Bug under Sky DE (Caid 09C4) descrambling - freeze each 10 sec

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Hello there!
For each version I see bug

Each 8-10 sec (before DCW come in) picture and sound freezing
during 1 sec approx, then restored to normal.
After 8-10 sec - againg, short freez and normal.
This issue occured for all presents OSCAM versions

Step to reproduce:
1) setup 09C4 Caid / 000000 Ident for .server file
2) Stay on Sky DE scrambled channels
3) Look at logs: if DCW come in period MORE than 400 ms issue exists.

Expected: picture and sond shd be without freezing

Pls implement some cache or whatever
For comparison test with software Mbox v.06 there no such problem.


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comment:1 by AlexLeopold75, 13 years ago

Pls update me about this issue
Video and sound interrupts each 9-10 sec when new keys come in
When cache0 or cache1 appears - its working fine, withous freezing
So it is possible to use the same DCW twice, no more

Pls implement this logic in code

2009/11/24 0:06:48 345 c01 tuner (09C4&000000/0206/6F:E5FE): found (542 ms) by skyde
2009/11/24 0:06:55 345 c01 tuner (09C4&000000/0206/6F:3436): found (536 ms) by skyde
2009/11/24 0:07:02 345 c01 tuner (09C4&000000/0206/6F:194E): found (546 ms) by skyde
2009/11/24 0:07:09 345 c01 tuner (09C4&000000/0206/6F:4F2D): found (534 ms) by skyde

comment:2 by landlord, 13 years ago

Please show us your config (oscam.server, oscam.reader, ...). I will try to reproduce it.

comment:3 by AlexLeopold75, 13 years ago

Hello Mr. LandRold!
Pls, look over my configs, I tried alot of combinations and nothing happy
If found (542 ms) - more than 400 ms - issue occured

Thanks alot!


Label = SkyDE
Protocol = newcamd
Key = 0102030405060708091011121314
Device = XX.XX.XXX.XXX, 42943
Account = Login , passwort
IDENT = 09C4:000000
Fallback = 0
Group = 1
DisableServerFilter = 1
ReconnectTimeout = 8


User = tuner
Pwd = tuner
Group = 1
Uniq = 0
IDENT = 09C4:000000

Nice = -2
ClientTimeout = 15
ClientMaxIdle = 600
CacheDelay = 1000
FallbackTimeout = 5
LogFile = stdout
MaxLogSize = 10240
Device = auto@/dev/usb/tts/0?delay=1&timeout=1000

comment:4 by landlord, 13 years ago

Resolution: invalid
Status: newclosed

Sorry, but you don't use a native hardware reader supported by OSCam
You a using a remote newcamd reader. Please check this remote reader.

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