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1st request to a inactivitytimeout disconnected reader always fails with timeout

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Issue Description

1st request to a disconnected, due to inactivitytimeout, cccam reader makes it auto reconnect (as it should), but that 1st request always fails with timeout

When the issue occurs

Always, and I did test with a few different cccam servers with same results... also it's not a new issue, I can reproduce it for long time on different revisions... for some time I workaround it having reader always connected, but now I thought I should report it...

How the issue is reproducable

This is very easy to reproduce, I think anyone should be able to reproduce it easily... anyway if you really need debug log I will post it for sure.

I reproduced it on multiple systems, but for test purposes I tried it on a pretty clean oscam config (lb_mode=1, all the rest almost all default except reader configs), with just one single cccam reader (with inactivitytimeout=30) and this is what happens:

2017/01/25 01:40:21 37CF6173 p   (reader) Reader-0 [cccam] disconnected: reason inactivity
2017/01/25 01:42:42 62A1A52D c   (dvbapi) Demuxer 0 ecmpid 0 CAID: 1xxx ECM_PID: 0420 PROVID: 000000 
2017/01/25 01:42:42 62A1A52D c   (dvbapi) Demuxer 0 found 1 ECMpids and 1 STREAMpids in caPMT
2017/01/25 01:42:42 62A1A52D c   (dvbapi) Demuxer 0 no suitable readers found that can be used for decoding!
2017/01/25 01:42:42 62A1A52D c   (dvbapi) Demuxer 0 trying to descramble PID 0 CAID 1xxx PROVID 000000 ECMPID 0420 ANY CHID PMTPID 0000 VPID 0001
2017/01/25 01:42:42 37CF6173 p   (reader) Reader-0 [cccam] connecting to xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:12000
2017/01/25 01:42:47 62A1A52D c      (ecm) oscam (1xxx@000000/0000/0130/92:4BxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxEE): timeout (5000 ms) by Reader-0
2017/01/25 01:42:58 62A1A52D c      (ecm) oscam (1xxx@000000/0000/0130/92:68xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxB4): found (632 ms) by Reader-0
2017/01/25 01:43:11 62A1A52D c      (ecm) oscam (1xxx@000000/0000/0130/92:D5xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx24): found (391 ms) by Reader-0
2017/01/25 01:43:26 62A1A52D c      (ecm) oscam (1xxx@000000/0000/0130/92:ACxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx8D): found (519 ms) by Reader-0

I should say that similar config with newcamd reader works perfectly, 1st request after auto reconnect succeeds, problem happens only with cccamd readers...

I did also research if there is at least a config that makes oscam retry a request after timeout (despite that would be a workaround), but strangely there isn't... after timeout oscam completely stops trying completely until next ecm... I don't see a config to change this... I did also found ticket #2659 about that... my only solution to avoid this issue is having reader always connected 24/7...

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