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Segmentation fault (more than 16 [reader] sections)

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If I define more than 16 [reader] sections in oscam.server OSCam does not start, starting in telnet it gives 'Segmentation Fault' instantly, and quits. This is a long therm bug or limitation but I reporn now when I was testing the cccam module and wantet to test with more C lines. My system is DM500 but I don't think I'ts a PID limitation because the [readers] are not parsed at all and even if I set the users disabled (disabled users don't need PID).

Please raise this number (16) to bigger, lets say 128 or more, now OSCam has got stable enough even on DM500 (not seen cannot FORK message for a long time)

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comment:1 by alno, 13 years ago

Resolution: wontfix
Status: newclosed

if we would increase the MAXPID value for embedded devices this would affect also DBox, Fritzbox and all tho other small devices.

If you need an increasing change that in the code yourself and build an own binary.

comment:2 by szili_boy, 13 years ago

I don't open a new ticket because its the same old issue.
Now OSCam uses threads and doesn't open PIDs for every new reader and this 16 [reader] limit still exist.

comment:3 by szili_boy, 13 years ago

Resolution: wontfix
Status: closedreopened

comment:4 by alno, 13 years ago

Resolution: wontfix
Status: reopenedclosed

you already have checked the actual memory consumption of the threaded Version? And this is not a bug and not a blocker as well

comment:5 by szili_boy, 13 years ago

The memory consumption of threaded version is much reduced than for the old fork version. It dingo35 makes nr of clients unlimited, why not to make the number of readers unlimited,too????

comment:6 by alno, 13 years ago

Component: ReaderGeneral
Priority: blockertrivial
Severity: highlow
Type: defectenhancement

I hav asked whether you already have checked the mem - i have not asked what you assume.
feel free to check forked vs actual and come back with Memory consumption values of both versions.
Actual head rev. consumes 11% of 1GiB Ram on my 686 with 10 readers and ONE connected client. If you don't know how you can check Mem under linux ask google or use ps aux

comment:7 by FilipeAmadeuO, 13 years ago

In my case:
Mipsel version SVN3527 with 6 servers and 18 clients.

  • 30 PID´s
  • VSZ = 45036

What do you think about 30 PID`s and memory consumption. Is it normal ?

Because oscam crashs very often...

comment:8 by szili_boy, 13 years ago

Severity: lowmedium

Well, I check mem usage with top command. Original cccam with 18 c and 19 f lines uses ~11%, actual oscam with 18 cccam clients 2 camd35 clients, 16 proxies, 1 local reader with webif uses ~14-15% everything on a dm500 and run fine.

When I run oscam+cccam 2.1.3 runs fine without memory problems.

@Alno: if your oscam uses 110mb than it is a crap, unoptimized memoryhog. What is then, a web browser opening a page full of web2 stuff?? Even utorrent with hundreds of peers connected uses about 30mb.

OSCam really needs memory optimization. original cccam with 50 c and 50 f lines stays under 15% usage on dm500.

comment:9 by alno, 13 years ago

high memory consumption is fixed 3 weeks ago by Schlocke - thought this is known. Which Rev. you actually testing?

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comment:10 by Madmaxx, 13 years ago

Please look my new ticket:

i have same problems with 7 readers. that is not normal what it consumes on memory on embedded devices. I check this with nslu2 and wrt350nv2.

Without Loadbalancer it makes not really sense to cache a lot of data to analyse ?

comment:11 by szili_boy, 13 years ago

@Always the newest svn. But as I said mem usage not looks to be the issue, it's about ~14% on DM500.

comment:12 by szili_boy, 13 years ago

Update on bug: I can define any [reader] sections I want, but disabled (Enable = 0), but enabled works only with maximum 16 proxies.

comment:13 by _network, 13 years ago

the maximum number of readers is defined in globals.h as CS_MAXREADER.
if you want more you have to increase that number there.
unlimited readers is planned but not implemented yet.

comment:14 by szili_boy, 13 years ago

@_network: Thanks for the reply, I know this variable but I didn't played with it, I hope that when dingo35 will implement 'unlimited readers' than memory usage will be much reduced.

Thanks again.

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