11:40 CardsList edited by smurzch2
11:36 Changeset [83] by smurzch2
Add BoxID reader configuration, and the "new" Sky UK ATR. We can now …
04:24 Ticket #7 (Rewrite documentation in English) updated by rorothetroll
Summary changed
04:23 Ticket #7 (Rewrite documentation in English) created by rorothetroll
We need someone to rewrite the content of the Distribution/doc …
03:45 Changeset [82] by rorothetroll
reader-videoguard2.c : added DirecTV ATR but it doesn't work. More …
00:31 Ticket #5 (Cleanup Makefile) updated by smurzch2
Type changed
00:31 Ticket #6 (Support for Premiere NDS) created by smurzch2
Premiere NDS don't works.
00:30 Ticket #5 (Cleanup Makefile) created by smurzch2
Makefile needs a full rewrite. Maybe using autoconf/automake or cmake.
00:29 Ticket #4 (Log formats) created by smurzch2
Better logs, to make processing easier... But without breaking the …


12:18 Changeset [81] by smurzch2
Tag version 0.99.3a
12:15 Changeset [80] by smurzch2
Remove warnings with gcc 4.2 (at least).
03:38 Changeset [79] by rorothetroll
csctapi/io_serial.c : fix a type in one of the command to be sent to …
02:13 Changeset [78] by smurzch2
Back to SVN vesion.
02:10 WikiStart edited by smurzch2
Add version 0.99.3 (diff)
02:01 Changeset [77] by smurzch2
Tag version 0.99.3
01:58 Changeset [76] by smurzch2
Set version to 0.99.3.
01:58 Changeset [75] by smurzch2
Wee need sys/time.h, even if we don't use poll.
01:58 Changeset [74] by smurzch2
Update docs
01:57 Changeset [73] by smurzch2
Some compilers (at least my under 32 bits...) don't like a line …
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