19:16 Changeset [497] by dingo35
Fix small bug in debugging configs


19:12 Ticket #50 (SECA3 card AU fails on EMM 0x83) updated by JaluMSX
Addition: EMMs with ID 0x83 fail constantly.
18:53 Ticket #46 (Nagra 2 and 3 card support (e.g. HD+, UM)) updated by madman
http://dvb-upload.com/index.php?action=download&pid=292911 take a …
18:06 Ticket #50 (SECA3 card AU fails on EMM 0x83) created by JaluMSX
SECA 3 card from dutch provider Canal Digitaal (prov.id 006a). OScam …
09:08 Changeset [496] by dingo35
Improved user information + logging on Sky Italy cards
08:49 Changeset [495] by dingo35
Sky Italia fix, many thanks to Sifteam and Pynkyz
07:25 Ticket #48 (HD+ Support) closed by landlord
duplicate: Same ticket as 46. HD+ is based on Nagra N3.


22:25 Ticket #49 (TotalTV NDS Videoguard not working...) created by satspyvk
Hi ! I have managed to get ATR correctly recognized, but after that …
18:30 Ticket #48 (HD+ Support) created by madman
From Streamboard. Could you please add this to make a public test …
16:56 Ticket #47 (DRE with PlatformaHD do not work properly) created by satfox
I just installed latest version of oscam, and inserted Platforma HD …
16:20 Nagra3 EMM PROCESS.txt attached to Ticket #46 by x5
16:19 NAGRA 2 -3 CAID INFO.txt attached to Ticket #46 by x5
16:19 working_CARD_example_NAGRA2 - NAGRA3.txt attached to Ticket #46 by x5
16:19 Ticket #46 (Nagra 2 and 3 card support (e.g. HD+, UM)) created by x5
files to add support to NAGRA cards tanks for calhordas for this
15:15 Ticket #26 (Add DreCrypt card support) updated by satfox
dingo35, huge thanks for the fix! как здорово что ты добавил ДРЕ!
12:53 Ticket #45 (Little/Big endian trouble in reader-videoguard) updated by charlie.3ppes
Plase see last attachment, we have fixed with a new function "swap_lb" …
12:52 reader-videoguard2.c attached to Ticket #45 by charlie.3ppes


19:40 Ticket #45 (Little/Big endian trouble in reader-videoguard) created by charlie.3ppes
We have some troubles compiling OSCAM for PPC TUXBOX. The endianness …
16:09 Changeset [494] by dingo35
Clockrate was fixed to 6.0 Mhz, now obeys mhz parameter
14:49 Changeset [493] by dingo35
Unique EMM got broken with optical changes in release 17
09:31 Changeset [492] by dingo35
Fix ECM Tricolor


22:08 Changeset [491] by dingo35
Add DRECRYPT, card 0x14 not yet working..
20:31 Changeset [490] by Merlin
20:22 Changeset [489] by Merlin
Removed CT_list, only 1 cardterminal is needed
20:17 Changeset [488] by Merlin
Removed useless pcscdefines.h
19:05 Changeset [487] by Merlin
Temporarily removed smartreader stuffs, small change in …
18:59 Changeset [486] by Merlin
Added card_frequency param
18:58 Changeset [485] by Merlin
18:57 Changeset [484] by Merlin
Include changes in tables
18:57 Changeset [483] by Merlin
Clean up
18:55 Changeset [482] by Merlin
Disable debug
18:13 Changeset [481] by dingo35
Fix small PTS bug
10:05 Changeset [480] by landlord
documentation updated (reader speed), thanks to dingo35 for input
09:10 Changeset [479] by dingo35
enable phoenix readers on tuxbox arch for videoguard2
09:08 Changeset [478] by dingo35
Protocol = mouse as default to prevent strange behaviour when unspecified
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