11:41 Ticket #432 (Linux + Infinity Smart USB do not twork) created by toningher
I use kernel 2.6.31 and driver FTDI. Oscam work for 30 senconds and …
10:11 Changeset [1753] by merek
Fix typo
10:08 Changeset [1752] by merek
Fix typo
10:06 Changeset [1751] by merek
Replace cs_log with fprintf as cs_log is not available becase …
09:01 Ticket #424 (oscam cccam server is advertising bad caid:ident in the list of ...) closed by merek
fixed: patch commited to svn, thanks.
08:59 Changeset [1750] by merek
fix for cccam server advertising bad idents, thanks to red321z and equeorto


21:36 conf_log.zip attached to Ticket #431 by EnoSat
21:36 Ticket #431 (OlcsoTV (as HelloHD without pairing) 0BAA) created by EnoSat
read card , but no read entitlements + dected as 0B00
21:26 Changeset [1749] by merek
Some cleanup for btun marker
20:06 WebIf edited by alno
17:45 Changeset [1748] by _network
initial patch for modular branch use oscam-config.h to select components
17:10 Changeset [1747] by _network
new branch for compiling oscam only with needed parts
16:35 Changeset [1746] by landlord
Documentation for 'setuser' command in monitor module
13:29 Changeset [1745] by alno
moved fallbacktimeout and clienttimeout to ms in write_config ToDo
11:47 Changeset [1744] by merek
- Add marker to reader if ECM_REQUEST was betatunneled (er->btun) - …
11:00 Changeset [1743] by merek
Merge from UMP r1808
10:12 Changeset [1742] by alno
reworked "setuser" command in monitor module. Syntax setuser …
10:06 Changeset [1741] by merek
Ident fixes for newcamd and cccam, thanks to equeorto
09:00 Changeset [1740] by merek
Revert last changes
08:24 Changeset [1739] by merek
Merge from UMP r1806 - dingo35: Autodetect boxtype for DVBAPI


23:36 Changeset [1738] by merek
Change usleep to cs_sleepms
23:32 Changeset [1737] by alno
fix cachedelay
23:02 Changeset [1736] by merek
Fix broken cachedelay option
21:14 Changeset [1735] by landlord
Documentation for reader parameter 'loadbalanced'
21:04 Changeset [1734] by landlord
Documantation for monitor command: 'commands'
20:41 Ticket #430 (Tivusat 183D nagra oscam emm handler) created by Dexter1983
Why don't include an autoupdate handler for provider 183D tivusat? can …
19:23 Ticket #428 (Compiler-Fehler) closed by merek
fixed: Fixed in r1733
18:56 Changeset [1733] by merek
Merge from UMP r1801
18:45 Changeset [1732] by alno
try fix warning in monitor module-monitor.c
18:05 Changeset [1731] by alno
monitorport implement new command "commands" (lists the available commands)
14:46 WebIf edited by landlord
14:43 Ticket #429 (reader-videoguard2.c [1714] does not compile cleanly on armel (ok on x86)) closed by landlord
duplicate: Duplicate. See ticket http://www.streamboard.tv/oscam/ticket/428.
14:33 Ticket #429 (reader-videoguard2.c [1714] does not compile cleanly on armel (ok on x86)) created by red321z
14:14 Ticket #424 (oscam cccam server is advertising bad caid:ident in the list of ...) updated by red321z
It looks like it was just a typo, idents now fixed
14:13 cccam_identfix.diff attached to Ticket #424 by red321z
fix for cccam server advertising bad idents
13:39 Changeset [1730] by alno
another fix for save "httptpl"
12:24 Changeset [1729] by alno
fixed "httptpl not written from write_config()"
10:28 Ticket #428 (Compiler-Fehler) created by terrajoe
bei dem Versuch aus den aktuellen Sourcen ein Compilat nativ für die …


22:41 Changeset [1728] by landlord
Added examples for web interface configuration
22:29 Changeset [1727] by landlord
Added documentation for 'disableuserfile' parameter
22:13 WebIf edited by Deas
21:52 Changeset [1726] by merek
Fix cascading related bug in module-camd35 - see UMP Ticket#441
21:44 Changeset [1725] by alno
some repair in write_config (httpallowed), Implement disableuserfile …
21:37 WebIf edited by Deas
19:12 Changeset [1724] by merek
Some fixes for merge from UMP r1793
19:05 Changeset [1723] by merek
Merge from UMP r1794
18:52 Changeset [1722] by merek
Fix typo
18:36 Changeset [1721] by merek
Merge from UMP r1793
17:05 Changeset [1720] by merek
WebIf should not be default in Makefile
17:04 Changeset [1719] by merek
Merge from UMP r1791/1792
16:08 Changeset [1718] by merek
And again ifdefs for gbox
16:05 WebIf edited by alno
Changed parameterdescription (diff)
16:02 Ticket #427 (Don't work WEBIF) closed by unixer
fixed: Sorry I don't set the parameter in oscam.conf [webif]
15:50 Ticket #427 (Don't work WEBIF) updated by alno
Please define "not work "
15:43 Changeset [1717] by merek
Merge from UMP r1790 - dingo35: Keep improvements of old postprocess …
15:36 Ticket #427 (Don't work WEBIF) created by unixer
with the versione trunk n. 1716 not work webif :( cmake …
15:26 Changeset [1716] by merek
Many more ifdefs for GBOX and WebIf
14:54 Changeset [1715] by merek
Dont store provider id in cache because provider id was not checked …
14:51 Changeset [1714] by landlord
Simplify Sky IT post processing, thanks to furb3t
14:28 Changeset [1713] by merek
Add httpallowed to write_config()
13:59 Changeset [1712] by landlord
Update credits ;-)
13:53 Changeset [1711] by merek
Small fix in credits
13:46 Changeset [1710] by merek
Readd irdeto guessing - now selectable with -DIRDETO_GUESSING, thanks …
12:59 Changeset [1709] by merek
- More code cleanup oscam-config.c - Log some warnings instead print …
12:37 Changeset [1708] by merek
- Remove deprecated irdeto_guessing code - Show config warnings also …
11:37 Changeset [1707] by merek
Bugfix - hide idle clients in WebIf broken
11:16 Ticket #426 (Last Oscam freeze on Ipbox 200/250 with Sky Ita card 93b) created by samu_6
I would like to know if it's possible to fix Oscam for Ipbox 200/250 …
11:11 Changeset [1706] by merek
Show inbuilt modules in credits
10:38 Changeset [1705] by landlord
Added 'disablelog' parameter to doc
10:18 Changeset [1704] by merek
Add disablelog to write_config()
10:17 Changeset [1703] by landlord
Documentation update for web interface
09:55 Changeset [1702] by merek
nocrypt for webif was now httpallowed
09:50 Ticket #425 (building error with #1700) closed by Spaeleus
fixed: Fixed! Now builds work fine again. Thx!
09:42 Changeset [1701] by merek
- Moved Webinterface config options to [webif] section, notify if …
09:38 Ticket #425 (building error with #1700) updated by alno
Owner, Priority changed
Was this commit: http://www.streamboard.tv/oscam/changeset/1700 - …
09:24 Ticket #425 (building error with #1700) created by Spaeleus
It seems that a missing smargopatch declaration breaks binaries …
09:08 Changeset [1700] by landlord
Fix Mac OS X PCSC includes
09:04 Ticket #424 (oscam cccam server is advertising bad caid:ident in the list of ...) created by satfan39
This test with a single CCcam reader defined in oscam.server and a …
08:29 Changeset [1699] by landlord
Added compiler option 'DWEBIF' in documentation
08:23 Changeset [1698] by alno
- default value for emmfile on empty token "readnano" - cleanup
07:53 Changeset [1697] by merek
Some more WEBIF ifdef's
07:41 Changeset [1696] by merek
emm counting works only with webif, so we use this only for webif build


23:22 Changeset [1695] by alno
some default values more in chk_reader if parsing an empty token
22:00 Changeset [1694] by merek
This branch is outdated, please use trunk and set -DWEBIF=1 for cmake …
21:52 Changeset [1693] by merek
Merge Webinterface into Trunk - Use -DWEBIF=1 with cmake to build with …
21:51 Changeset [1692] by merek
Fix CRLF Linebreaks
21:46 Changeset [1691] by merek
Merge Webinterface into Trunk - Use -DWEBIF=1 with cmake to build with …
21:10 Changeset [1690] by merek
Some more oscam-config.c cleanups from branch
20:25 Changeset [1689] by alno
WebIf: - some reader defaults build in chk_reader - new clear_ftab in …
19:22 Changeset [1688] by alno
WebIf: - Merge with trunk up 1685-1687 THX merek for reader cleanup
18:51 Ticket #423 (EMM update ok 093b+phoenix reader) created by godlike99
hi, you can change wiki emm update for nds3 cards. oscam+cccam updates …
13:24 Changeset [1687] by merek
Add some more Ifdefs for GBOX
13:20 Changeset [1686] by merek
Add some Ifdefs for GBOX
13:12 Changeset [1685] by merek
Code Cleanup in chk_reader
12:05 Changeset [1684] by merek
Re-add chk_srvid in oscam-config.c
11:15 Changeset [1683] by merek
Remove uneeded code from last commit
10:56 Changeset [1682] by merek
Backport oscam-config.c cleanup and Bugfixes from WebIF branch
10:54 Changeset [1681] by merek
Fix typo
01:05 Changeset [1680] by alno
WebIf: - further bruteforce cleanup of oscam-config.c ToDo: chk_reader :-(
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