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Why this Wiki page ?

I needed a reader that works on all linux platform as well as Mac OS X. So I chose to use a FTDI MM232R module as it fits these requirements and also works on Windows.

I used Eagle to create the schema and the board and you can found all the files attached to this page (eagle files and images).

Eagle schematics :

Eagle schematics

Eagle board :

Eagle board

Some comments :

I would recommend using a support for the oscillator so that you can easily change it (I used a 3.58MHz one and a 6MHz one for testing).

I didn't include any LED or anything that was not absolutely needed.

JP1 allows you to select between 5V and 3.3V operation, this can be useful for cards that needs a 3V power supply instead of 5V. If you use 3.3V you will need to find an oscillator that runs at 3.3V

In your [reader] section in oscam.server, you need to set the detect to : Detect = CTS

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