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!!! Important !!! The Webinterface is only available if you have checked out and build the monitor-improvement branch from SVN. All other branches and also trunk do not contain the Webinterface. This branch is very experimental. Backup your config files before using the configuration over Webinterface. The usage of binaries build from this branch is at your own risc.

Information and discussion about the developement of Webinterface you find here:


Already implemented:

.) Edit User Config (Read & Write)
.) Edit Services (Read & Write

Work in progress:

.) Edit Global Config (Read Ok, Write NOk)
.) Edit Readers (Read Ok, Write NOk)

Checkout monitor-improvement branch

svn co <checkout-directory>

Please note: Always do a "make clean" before building the executable!

If you can´t build - here you can find binaries for many platforms:

New parameters introduced in this branch

Settings have to be done in the [monitor] area in oscam.conf

httpport             - Port for Webinterface (mandatory)
httpuser             - Username (needed for password protection)
httppwd              - Password (needed for password protection)
httpcss              - Path of external CSS File (optional)
httptpl              - Path of external Templates (optional)
httprefresh          - Status refresh in seconds (optional)
httphideidleclients  - 0|1 enables hiding clients after idletime set in parameter hideclient_to (optional)
hideclient_to        - Idletime in seconds (optional)

Template System

The Oscam webinterface allows you to create your own pages. To get the original tempates to start development request the non-linked page "savetemplates.html" Oscam will store this template files in the directory specified in "httptpl"

Using Apache to proxy requests to OSCam

The Apache module mod_proxy can be used to proxy requests from the Internet to an OSCam server. With this module it is possible to add additional security (SSL) to the OScam connection. For "howto set up Apache with SSL" please consult the Apache documentation.

ProxyRequests Off
      <Proxy *>
              Order deny,allow
              Allow from all
      ProxyPass /oscam/ http://localhost:8080/
      ProxyPassReverse /oscam/ http://localhost:8080/

Known limitations

.) Safari Browser (Macbook, Snow Tiger, Iphone) - No Login possible

This is a bug in Safari which does not correctly handle the "stale" flag at the first login (like it should according to RFC). The authentication uses a nonce to fight replay attacks. The nonce is always valid for a limited time (default: 15 seconds). However, this time does not count from when you begin to login but from unixtime 0 onwards. Thus in worst case you might only have a second to login. To get higher chances for login to work in Safari browsers (but with a little bit decreased security) just increase the following value as you like in the oscam-http.h before you build OSCam.


Please help us to document new features here. Feel free to pick informations we give in the forum and write down here.

Thanks, A., A.

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