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Welcome to OSCam Wiki

OSCam is an Open Source Conditional Access Module software, based on the very good MpCS version 0.9d created by dukat.

Documentation: Parameters and examples

The description of all valid parameters can be found in,
configuration examples are located in

Documentation: Card list and card reader

Here you can find the schema for a CardReader and a list of the supported CardReader.
We will try to keep a list of supported cards in CardsList.

How To: (Cross-)compiling and toolchains

All about (Cross-)compiling and toolchains.

Download: Source Repository

If you want to download the SVN version, just do:

svn co oscam-svn

Download: Binaries for the lastest trend-setting trunk:

Lastest trend-setting trunk versions can be downloaded in the forum.

Download: Binaries lastest tag version

Tag version 0.99.4 can be downloaded here.

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