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MIPS Router / DD-WRT

MIPS Router / OpenWRT
Little endian Kernel 2.4x
Little endian Kernel 2.6x

MIPS Router / Fonera

MIPS Router Fritzbox

MIPSEL Dreambox 800/8000/7025

PPC Dreambox 500/600/7000/7020



(Cross-) compiling

Linux i686 or x86_64:

Step 1:
Download source repository

svn co oscam-svn

Step 2:
Just do


Binary output will be located in oscam-svn/Distribution

Fritzbox / DD-WRT Router / Dreambox / NSLU2:

All provided toolchains will only work in a Linux-based environment.

Step 1:
Before you can start to compile OSCam for any platform, you need to get the right toolchain. Copy the toolchain to your Linux-based system. cmake 2.4 or higher will be needed.

Step 2:
Download source repository

svn co oscam-svn

Step 3:
Create a build directory in oscam-svn

cd oscam-svn
mkdir build_dir
cd build_dir

Step 4
Create a shell script in the directory build_dir


export PATH=/toolchain/ANYPLATFORM/bin:$MYPATH

make clean
cmake -DCMAKE_TOOLCHAIN_FILE=../toolchains/toolchain-ANYPLATFORM.cmake ..

chmod 755

Remember to set the toolchain path correctly. Also take a look inside the toolchain cmake script. You have to add the right compiler for your platform.

Step 5
Execute the shell script


The output will be located in the build_dir

How to apply a patch to OSCam SVN

A patch sometimes is only valid for specfic SVN version. So be carefull! First you have to check out the correct SVN version.

Step 1:
Example check out SVN 534

svn co -r 534 oscam-svn

Step 2:

Apply the patch

cp patch.txt oscam-svn
cd oscam-svn

patch [-p0] < patch.txt

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