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The modular branch allows you to compile oscam with the selected components only.

You can checkout the branch with the folloing command:

svn co oscam-modular

To select the components you have to edit the oscam-config.h and check the define for the component you want include or exclude.


Build with Webinterface

#ifndef WEBIF
#define WEBIF

Build without Webinterface

#ifndef WEBIF
//#define WEBIF


WEBIF - Webinterface
HAVE_DVBAPI - dvbapi descrambling support


MODULE_CAMD33 - camd3.3 protocol
MODULE_CAMD35 - camd3.5 protocol (udp)
MODULE_CAMD35_TCP - camd3.5 protocol (tcp/cs378x)
MODULE_NEWCAMD - newcamd protocol
MODULE_CCCAM - cccam protocol
MODULE_RADEGAST - radegast protocol
MODULE_SERIAL - serial devices support (HSIC, SSSP, bomba, dsr9500)

Attention: This branch is very experimental.

If you remove protocol support and you use this protocol in your oscam.server oscam may crash at startup.


WITH_CARDREADER - compile with support for local cardreader
Excluding Cardreader support automaticly disables the following reader.

READER_NAGRA - Nagravision support
READER_IRDETO - Irdeto support
READER_CONAX - Conax Support
READER_CRYPTOWORKS - Cryptoworks support
READER_SECA - Seca Support
READER_VIACCESS - Viaccess support
READER_VIDEOGUARD - Videoguard support
READER_DRE - Dre support

Special Settings in modular branch

If you are using a reader with protocol mouse you can specify the ATR in reader config.

protocol = mouse

This will speed up card initialization but it may not work with all cards and all readers.

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